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2017 Winterfest poster

It’s beginning to look a lot like WOOTMAS™!

The Shire was hit by terrific snowfall and everything is a wintery white with frozen ice & noses!

The Decorations are going up, the ski run is back along with the Yeti and folks are scurrying around bundling up & readying themselves for Caroling, Sekret Santa, Lots of Live Music & and Winter ADVENTURE!

So much to see & do in the coming week, Raglan Shire is indeed a Winter Wonderland this time of year!

Stay Warm, Stay Crunchy,  Drink lots of Hot Wootnog & ring out the Wootmas cheer! There’s tons of it!


The 10th Annual Winterfest on Raglan Shire!


Wootmas Cheers all!

The 10th Annual WinterFest on Raglan Shire is here & it’s a Wonderland of Snowy Crunchy fun for the season!

The decorating of the tree! Sekret Santa™! The 12 Days of Wootmas™! Skating at the pond! Skiing! Sledding! Ice Ball crashing!

Keep an eye out for The All New Ski Lift! A new way to get up & down the Mountain but a word of warning… Beware the Yeti!!

Also coming is Live Musical Performances! Caroling & Celebrations!

It’s all being finalized so look for info in the coming days as well as info on the All New Tree Topper Contest & the Winter Hut Contest.

Much more to come, Music, Celebrations.. WINTER STUFF!!!

*snowball throw & Wootnog sip*




The 7th Annual Raglan Shire Winterfest ZOMG!

It’s that time of year when the snow piles up on the Shire and happy folks flit about enjoying all the wintery, snowey STUFF that is ongoing for the next several weeks. Mount Waffle, the ski runs, the Ice Rink, the Winter Village, the Community Tree, the 12 days of Wootmas, Artisan created goodies and so much more! Join us this Wootmas season for live music and caroling, dancing and gift giving as we celebrate Winter… IN THE SNOW!!

*No snow was harmed in the making of this years Winterfest….srsly.