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Author Topic: Treasure Hunt 2010  (Read 9711 times)
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« on: July 28, 2010, 09:52:36 PM »

Ahoy mateys!!!

This year's treasure hunt is a challenging one, but I hope a challenge you'll find worth the effort. I tried to keep it both fun and interesting, but some tinies are better than other riddles and other factors (like language barriers) can also have a big impact on one's ability to do the hunt.

So for those of you who need a little help, this thread should be just what you're looking for.

I'm going to divde this into three sections.
1. Hints on locations (in case you're having trouble knowing where to go)
2. Hints on riddles (in case you're stuck opening a chest)
and 3. Answer list (in case you're REALLY stuck)

To make sure you don't accidentally read what you don't intend to, I've hidden the text. Just highlight the area between the [ brackets ] to read.

Chest #1  [[[Follow the instructions on the notecard.]]
Chest #2 [[[Check the shelves in the welcome center.]]
Chest #3 [[[Check the library in Raglan Commons.]]
Chest #4 [[[The nest is a crow's nest. Look for the sunken ship in Raglan Galaxy.]]
Chest #5 [[[The Haiku Speed Build platform.]]
Chest #6 [[[The Stillpink memorial in Heron Shire. Look for the pink tree.]]
Chest #7 [[[The Raglan U schoolhouse.]]
Chest #8 [[[The Raglan Commons Airstrip. Check the hangars.]]
Chest #9 [[[Check the farm in the back of Extrovirtual.]]
Chest #10 [[[Haven Shire is the eighth connected sim. Look for a waterslide and go down.]]
Chest #11 [[[The Raglan Galaxy space station gravitron.]]
Chest #12 [[[Search Morning Shire for a pond full of crocodiles.]]
Chest #13 [[[Raglan Common - Film Festival walk of stars.]]
Chest #14 [[[In the lagoon near Rabbit Skull island underwater.]]
Chest #15 [[[The game room in the space station.]]
Chest #16 [[[The Treetop Art Gallery.]]
Chest #17 [[[Lost Boys / Indian Camp on the west side of Heron Foreest.]]
Chest #18 [[[On top of Rabbit Skull Island.]]
Chest #19 [[[The fishing pier at Heron Shire wharf.]]
Chest #20 [[[The roof of the Paw & Whisker.]]
Chest #21 [[[Welcome to Stevebucks!]]

Riddle #1 [[[Marilyn Monroe's best friend.]]
Riddle #2 [[[Something very long, flexible, and very useful to sailors.]]
Riddle #3 [[[These directions take you on a circular path, but it's nota circle.]]
Riddle #4 [[[It has a knob.]]
Riddle #5 [[[Something that would make the cask leak.]]
Riddle #6 [[[Worn on fingers, ears and sometimes noses.]]
Riddle #7 [[[Related to a diamond.]]
Riddle #8 [[[Read the riddle carefully. The answer is in the riddle.]]
Riddle #9 [[[Something heavy used by sailors.]]
Riddle #10 [[[It's not a person. It's a plant.]]
Riddle #11 [[[The right answer to this riddle is wrong. Get it?]]
Riddle #12 [[[It also has a wheel.]]
Riddle #13 [[[Don't bear ill feelings toward me for this riddle.]]
Riddle #14 [[[The chips they go with are made of plastic.]]
Riddle #15 [[[You might find this in location #3.]]
Riddle #16 [[[Something you're attached to...but only when it's bright. Peter Pan had his cut off.]]
Riddle #17 [[[Follow the instructions on the headstone. "Death" refers to the headstone.]]
Riddle #18 [[[You usually see it with a bow.]]
Riddle #19 [[[It's what sank the Titanic. Three letters.]]
Riddle #20 [[[Romeo denied his. A rose by any other would smell as sweet.]]
Riddle #21 [[[Put together the 12 torn map pieces to find the answer.]]


The list below has the answers to the first 20 riddles. If you're stuck, scan this list until you find a word that looks like the right answer. i won't tell you straight out which goes where. Also some words are red herrings that aren't used at all.

Highlight here: [[[anchor, arrow, book, boredom, cards, chocolate, circle, coal, diamond, door, egg, eyes, ghost, grudge, hamster, hole, ice, name, nothing, onion, popcorn, ring, rope, rust, shadow, shovel, skull, square, stick, tongue, waffle, wheelbarrow, wrong]]
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