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Author Topic: Raglan U – Rules for students!  (Read 1352 times)
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« on: May 19, 2010, 09:18:37 AM »

Updated May 19, 2010

I know, I know... I'm crampin' yer style! Hehehe!  I'll feel better if you read these and please keep them in mind when attending classes both on the Shire and off.

Please, be respectful to your teacher and fellow classmates.

That alone covers basically all of it.  Be mindful of your gestures during class times.  Keep your microphone from disrupting a voice class.  Very late arrivals to class might be considered disruptive as well if the teacher has already begun.  Removing excessive scripted items, blingy things, or objects that randomly chat can be very helpful in allowing other students to focus on their classwork more efficiently.

During class if the Shire gets griefed, please stay calm.  Getting spun up about it doesn't help the teacher's nerves hehe.  The teacher may (or may not) ask you to disperse to other locations, please do as requested.  Without a crowd to harass, sometimes they'll just go away.  You may want to consider an Abuse Report to the Lindens if you're able to identify the object or person who is griefing you.  Please, do not retaliate with flying waffles, spam or particles of your own, or trying to throw my catbox at them!  Smiley

If you need to talk about something that bothered you in class, I'm always available to hear you out!

Thank you very much for being great students! <3

Catbox! Catbox! Catbox!
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 Raglan Shire ForumsRaglan URaglan U For EverybunnyTopic: Raglan U – Rules for students!
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