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Wel hello!
It's great that you want to register for the forums! We have a few rules tho, and we ask kindly that you follow them:

Register with your Second Life FIRST NAME AND SECOND NAME. This is really important, because we like the forums to be as safe an environment as possible. Each member should be identifyable by his or her user name.

This forum and its related sites are created for the Second Life community of Raglan Shire. Each registration is checked aginst the online group 'Friends of Raglan Shire' and names that are not in that group will be deleted.

Your behaviour on the forums is expected to be tiny-friendly. So no trolling, no finger pointing, no outing of Second Life residents, and no drama. Tinies are good-natured folks who like to tease but never cross the line.

NO advertisements on the forums! Please refer to the Classifieds section if you sell wares on the Raglan Shire cluster.

Please note that with each post, your IP address is recorded. Your data is regarded with the utmost care however.

Also note that the software places a cookie, a text file containing bits of information (such as your username and password), in your browser's cache. This is ONLY used to keep you logged in/out. The software does not collect or send any other form of information to your computer.