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Artwalk registration is now open!


Raglan Shire’s 10th Artwalk starts May 3, registration is now open and will close on Sunday April 26th. So there is still time to register! To register go here:  https://sites.google.com/site/raglanshireartwalk/Home/

any questions contact me (karmagirl avro) or my artwalk assistants: Dagmar Klaar & Jillan McMillan


8 Years today.

8th raglan

8 Years today.

Today marks 8 years to the day since Raglan Shire first opened to the public.  I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for joining along on the ride, participating, engaging, encouraging and generally having a fine time.
Thanks & a heartfelt applause for you all :)


7th Annual Raglan Shire Parade of Floats!

mardi gras blog2

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

The 7th annual Raglan Shire PARADE OF FLOATS begins a 12 pm noon SLT! Featuring Outstanding and colorful floats created my members of the Raglan Community! It is truly a thing to behold and every year has been spectacular. If you would like to see what is possible in virtual worlds and the creativity of individuals dedicated to having FUN. Visit Raglan Shire Online tomorrow!!

Post Parade Fun immediately afterwards!

Kings Cakes for all!


Happy Wootmas 2014!

A wonderful paper style animated card painstakingly created by JanosX

with the help of dozens of members of the Raglan Shire Online community!

Happy Wootmas 2014 all!


Fashion Show in Review – Hamster Style!

This years amazing 2014 Fashion show as captured brilliantly by Pyewacket! Thanks Pye and well done and big PROPS to Dagmar, The Fashionista’s & everyone behind (and in front of) the Scene! Ossmly Fashionable show 8)



Raglan Talent Show 2014!

Talent show 2014

Mark your calendars – it’s almost time for The Raglan Talent Show!  Watch the most talented tinies from across the Shires as they sing, dance, tell stories, and perform feats of daring-do.  This is an event not to be missed!  Come cheer on our talented performers and Emcee Chaffro as we close out Showvember with a bang!

Talent!  On a stick!

Sunday, Nov. 30 at noon SLT


Raglan Shire Fashion Show!

Raglan Shire Fashion Show Small

Showvember continues with Raglan Shire Fashion Show this weekend!   The event takes places Sunday November 23rd at 12pm Noon SLT!  come see all the latest couture from all your fav tiny designers!



shocktober on Raglan

For all the folks who like a good scare….

It’s SHOCKTOBER™ on Raglan Shire! Replete with spooky, scary fun of all types! From the Haunted Hotel O’Hare to the All New Raglan Shire Ride of Horrors to The Dark Carnival, plus Movies, Live musical performances, Parties to attend with music spun by The Cadre of Raglan Shire DJ’s there’s something for all to see, enjoy, explore and get potentially psychologically scarred or traumatized!

We do it ALL for you! 8)

We’re serious about Shocktober! Come & check it out!



Medieval Gesture graphic2

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! It is once again that time of year where we step back in time and bring forth mirth, merriment and revelry of a most MEDIEVAL MANNER.

The 8th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival is upon us!

The Castle and grounds have magically appeared and fun Events & Activities are being constructed for yonder amusement!

We start this coming weekend on Saturday the 13th at 12 noon SLT with the Medieval Grand Ball in the ballroom of the all new all medievally OSSM Castle!

Wear your finest Medieval finery as we celebrate with music and dance as we officially kick off The festival!

Coming events include The All New Dragon Maze, The Caber Toss Tournament, The Archery Tournament and the Gran-Daddy of them all.. The Raglan Shire Joust!

Also look for Fortune telling , Fencing, Medieval themed classes and potentially a game of Battle Chess featuring YOU as the pieces. Not to mention lots to explore, fine Artisan crafted wares to purchase and food on a stick!

Much much more info to come as we pencil in STUFF for the calendar.

Also a Reminder that during The  Medieval Fest we raise funds to help support and continue the care for our Adopted Giraffe ELISH at the ZSL zoo in London and our Adopted MMalayanTapir FLUFFY at the Sedgwick Zoo in Kansas.  Feel free to drop a few pence into the Wishing well at the town square or accuse a friend of crimes and have them placed in the stockade… set their bail and when (and if) said bail is reached, the bail money goes to the animals and your friends learn an important life lesson! Crime and or BEING FRAMED.. ddoesn’tpay…  unless your one of our adopted Animals like Elish the Giraffe and Fluffy the Malayan Tapir 8)



WOOTSTOCK 2014 & The Summer of WOOT!

wootstock 2014



The Summer of WOOT continues as Raglan Farms™  once again opens its fields and livestock to host the 6th or 7th or…

Hmm you know wot? We’re not really sure what number Wootstock this is but we can emphatically say that there has been a LOT of Wootstocks and all of them have been amazing!

Pro Raglan Wootstock Tip: The Very 1st Wootstock was actually held in Winter in January and was called WINTER WOOTSTOCK™

This coming weekends ‘STOCK of WOOT features a cornucopia of talented live acts as well as our team of Fabulous Raglan DJ’s who know how to keep the atmosphere charged and STEEPED in energy!

2 days & nights of Waffles & Music (with a wicked pre ‘Stock  party on Friday night)!!!

 Coming this Weekend!

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