Group Charter

Friends of Raglan Shire / Artisan Society of Raglan Shire Group Charter

When you become a member of the Friends of Raglan Shire and/or the Artisan Society of Raglan Shire groups, you agree to abide by this group charter. You are responsible for knowing these few rules and following them.

Tinies are a chatty and fun bunch, and to make sure that everyone can enjoy the group and community we have a few (very few) rules that we would like all to follow.

1: No Spam in group chat
a) This goes without saying I think. Don’t repost the same message over and over. If no one replies to your message, they either don’t feel like it, or have no answer to your question. It can be frustrating when no one responds, but there can be a lot of reasons why, and it’s up to each individual if they want to participate in the chat or not.
b) Abuse of this sort is grounds for group ejection.

2: No Advertisement – Don’t promote land, your shop or new items in group chat or notices.
a)  This means either open promoting, or covert promoting by continuing hinting, your products or businesses, no matter where they are located.
b) This might sound unfair to some, especially with all the talented artisans we have, but we have a group of over 1200 people, and the group chat is about having fun, talking about waffles etc. If everyone started promoting their shop and items, it would quickly be a mess. There are other tiny groups inworld with the goal of promoting shops and new items.
c) Abuse of this sort is grounds for group ejection.

3: Don’t promote off the cluster events, or events that coincide with Raglan Shire events in group chat or notices.
a) This means either open promoting or covert promoting by continuing hinting about your out of cluster events, promotions or businesses.
b) In our community we have a very talented and active group of people that volunteer a lot of their spare time to create fun and interesting events for the community. They work very hard, and it’s never fun having spend weeks and months planning something, just to see other events being promoted in group chat that take people away from their hard work. Since IM is always available to communicate with your friends and some alternate tiny chat groups exist, please do not undermine the Raglan Community in this regard.
c) Abuse of this sort is grounds for group ejection.
d) There are occasional Raglan-sponsored events off the cluster – as in the SL birthday celebrations for instance. These Raglan-sponsored events are the ONLY exception to this rule.

4: Keep chat PG
The Raglan Shire Cluster and community is PG, and we like our group chat to be as well:-)

5: Have fun!

Questions and Answers
Here is a collection of some of the most commons questions we receive

Q: Why can’t I promote a shop or land rental outside Raglan Shire in group chat? Are you all about the money?
A: No we are not. Raglan Shire and our entire community is entirely non profit. That means that all the money that are made from land, shop or cottage rental is thrown back into the community in the form of Events (Contest, Primtionary, Live Music etc.) and Public Space (Raglan Shire Centre, Sillycube, Raglan Galaxy, Heron Shire Forest etc.). Further more none of the people involved in Raglan Shire get paid for their work (except the occasional tip jar). Without these rentals, none of it would be possible.

Q: Does this mean I can’t tell people if I found a cool new tiny item?
A: Of course not, but not everyone might want to see it, and if they do, they will most likely IM you for a landmark or slurl.

Q: What if I want to host a party or event at my shop on Raglan Shire?
A: You are more than welcome to. It’s a great way to promote items and your shop. You can invite people to a commercial event in group chat, but please don’t spam. Follow the same rule as we use for event notices. One message previous to the event and one just before the event. Furthermore, make sure that your event doesn’t coincide with any other Raglan events if you are to use group chat.

Q: What qualify as an event if I want to host it at my Raglan Shire shop?
A: That is a tough question. First of all it should be 100% free for all to participate in. Also make sure there are something fun happening. A dance with a live DJ, a race or game of some sort, a fishing contest, a fashion show would all qualify as an event. The release of a new item, a lucky chair update, general advertisement are not events. Please don’t misuse this opportunity and instead try and create fun experiences for the entire community.

Q: Does this mean I can’t talk about another shop?
A: No, you can talk about interesting shops and places of course, but please don’t post slurls to the place, and please don’t tell people to IM you for landmarks etc. If people want it, they will ask you.

Q: If a tiny asks in group chat where they can find a certain tiny item, how can I help them?
A: You can of course direct them how to find the shop. If it’s a shop on Raglan Shire, you are welcome to post a slurl. If it isn’t on Raglan Shire, please do so in IM. The same goes for land and shop rentals.

Q: I wasn’t aware that there was a Raglan Shire event going on at that time?
A: You can always see when events are scheduled on Raglan at:

Q: I have an event planned on Raglan that isn’t part of the official program?
A: We encourage people to do their own events. If you have a great idea for a party or event, either check the calendar at event better, ask in group chat or forum if one in the events team will help you set up your event. They can get it on calendar, make sure it’s not held at the same time as other events and even promote it! It might be a bigger success than you ever imagined 🙂

Q: Can I talk about events and post slurls to events posted on the Calendar or Raglan Shire Blog?
A: Oh please do 🙂

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