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Raglan Represents at SL5B!

While The tree city on Raglan Shire is being revamped, The Raglan Events & Activities Group is working hard to represent the Shire Community at the upcoming Second Life 5th Birthday Party starting on the 23rd of June!  Linden Lab is hosting The Birthday Event on a series of sims and invited folks from all over the grid to submit an application for a display. The Raglan Community has been assigned  8192 Sqm of land (thats a LOTTA LAND Hooooo!) and are furiously working to turn it into a Tiny & friendly themed area for everyone to enjoy…  More details later when the Official Announcement is made!

Shown above are some of the Raglan Events & Activities Group at the SL5B Site on saturday, having a secret squirrel (IE: TOP SECRET, HUSH HUSH. on the QT!) meeting about whats going up on the build site!

Clockwise from Left: somebunny, Catten, Panacea, Lani, Clowey, Teal, Karmagirl, Kul & Etheria in front

Welcome to The Raglan Shire Blog!

Greetings and welcome to the New Raglan Shire Tiny Community Blog!

A place for current happenings, news, updates and other things having to do with the friendly, creative tiny community of Raglan Shire! Feel free to register , leave comments and check out the forums where you can leave messages and add your ideas! Raglan Shire invites everyone to participate and this is another place where you can be involved!

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