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Tiny Olympics entering the 3rd weekend!

This weekend marks the 3rd weekend of Tiny Olympic competition!  EEEEP!

Lots of events on saturday & sunday! You can see the full list by clicking the “Events Calendar” link to the right there *points at link*

We’re closing in on $60,000 L raised so far for the One Campaign to eliminate hunger and the picture above shows the Tiny Olympic SWAG area where you can buy AWESOME Olympic themed items with all proceeds going to or pick up some Sweet Olympic freebie Swag as well!

Good Luck teams this weekend!

Tiny Olympics after 2 Weekends!

The Raglan Shire Tiny Olympics entered its 2nd week of competition & WOW what a weekend!

Before the events started back up on Saturday & Sunday, Everyone was invited to Attend an Olympic Ball thrown by Purkle team Captain Legolas & Bloodwynna who DJ’ed for the Ball as well. Members from all teams came decked out in team colors & uniforms as well as fancy tiny evening wear! Prizes were awarded, music was played & Tinys danced and generally had an uproarious time!

Saturday brought the return of the events!

Teams competed in the Cloudchaser Hurdles, a Giant Hurdles course set 750 meters in the sky! This event was held twice for folks in the various timezones. During the second run of the Cloudchase Hurdles, FLY was disabled meaning the competitors (as well as the spectators heh) had to be extra careful to time their jumps or risk falling to their doom below!

The Running Long Jump was marred by script failure and will be rescheduled but that didn’t deter the tiny teams spirits as they moved onto the Olympic Tiny Javelin Event! Tinys took turns throwing the javelin ( see above pic of Isis who took javelin Gold) and in the end, fun was had, nobody was impaled & it was time for the last event of the day.. The Tiny Archery Tournament!

Tiny Archers from all 3 teams competed and again, nobody was impaled or struck by stray arrows, after  the opening rounds were finished, a tiebreaker was needed to determine the winner! It was very exciting 🙂

Sunday arrived with more spectacle!

At 11 am sharp,  over half a dozen brightly colored hot air balloons with pilots & co-pilots from each team in each balloon rose high into the air from the Raglan Commons sim & began a race that took them over The Commons, Raglan Galaxy, Heron Shire, Morning Shire, Athen Shire & Raglan Shire Sims!  It was a spectacular sight to see & per usual, all the teams were very competitive in this skill based event!

Afterwords it was time for the 2nd Annual Tour De Shire! An Olympic bicycle race utilizing Awors brilliant tiny bikes on a challenging course on the southern part of Raglan Shire. Obstacles on the course included a Large Mud Pit jump and a Vicious Spiked jump. Teams competed & throughout the event, you could hear the various team cheers & chants from all spectators in attendance!

Heres a video of the Tour De Shire done by Xerxes!

The final event of the day & the weekend was the Olympic Fisherbeast Fishing  Tourney at Willow Creek on The Commons sim. With a throng of spectators on a platform next door on The Galaxy sim looking on and cheering their teams, the Competitors in the event itself battled it out in furious fishing action for an hour! Bloodsong ran the event & created special Olympic themed fish to catch for the teams! These Olympic fish are available to catch (if you can!) for anybody throughout the duration of the Tiny Olympics!

So as the 2nd Weekend of Tiny Olympic Events came to a close, the Team Totals are at

RED TEAM – 60 Points

GREEN TEAM – 42 Points

PURKLE TEAM – 33 Points

Also we have raised $50,000 + so far for the ONE Campaign to Eliminate Hunger!

We’re halfway to our goal with 2 more weekends to go!  WTG ALL 😀

The Tiny Olympics! Week 2!

Here’s a great pic of the Torch Relay Runners who ran the sim and passed the torch on Saturday during the Relay Run leading up to the Torch lighting Ceremony! WTG Runners!

Here’s the Video to the Torch run on Saturday 🙂

Remember, there’s events coming up this weekend!

Teams! Be sure to get your practice in on the various areas for the events that are this weekend!  The Cloud Hurdles above Raglan (can grab a port up there at the Track & Field grounds), The Javelin Throw, The Running Long Jump & The Archery at the Track & Field Area, The Balloon Race over at the NW corner of Raglan Commons & tonight we’ll place the Tour de Shire Bicycle course down on the southern portion of the Raglan Shire Sim so folks can start to get their laps in there as well! & of course.. FISHING!

Also Friday, Legolas & Bloodwynna will be hosting & DJ’ing an Olympic Ball

at The Paw & Whisker on friday night at 6pm – 8pm!  Prizes & Tunes, Dancing and STUFF!

So far we’ve raised over $27,000 for the ONE Campaign to Eliminate Hunger! Way to go folks! Keep getting the word out! w000t!!

Tiny Olympics are Underway!

Wowz! What an opening weekend!

The Raglan Shire Tiny Olympics is Officially off & running!

On Saturday , 0ver 20 tiny runners took place in The Torch Relay run that took the runners over the entire cluster of Sims that make up the Shire ending up at the Master Torch that was lit in fitting ceremony.  It was an AMAZING spectacle as throngs of folken ran with the runners or picked their spots to cheer them on as the runners ran by. Watching the sea of green dots move from sim to sim and finally converging on Raglan Shire where the Torch was at was an awesome site & it was only fitting that it was Violet Faulds who ran the last leg of the relay (torch in paw) as her father ran in the 1984 Olympics.  At the lighting, words were said, and we dedicated the entire Tiny Olympics to our friend Bo Fiddlesticks who lost her father this past week.

After the Teams were announced, everyone assembled at the Tiny U. platform where a stage had been set up for Robie Bloch, a talented Singer Songwriter who performed a spirited set of live music for all to enjoy!

You can see the Excellent video that Wolf made of  Saturdays activities at

Sunday brought the first competitive events of the games as Teams competed in the team Primtionary Event on the Tiny U. platform & The 40 Minute Build Challenge at the Silica Cubicle. The Red team took the gold followed by the Green team which took Silver and the Purple team which took bronze in the Primtionary Event. Mono Flow of the red team took Gold for his team in the Build Challenge, with Lorimae Undercroft & Wolf Hartnell of the Green team taking Silver & Bronze.

The Primtionary Match was Fierce and very vocal (as only tinies can be!) and the Build Challenge was an amazing sight, with 18 tinies ( 6 from each team) spread out on mats, furiously working to create a Robotic styled build which was asked of them within the 40 minute limit. Everyone had their own unique take on their build and every build was completely different from the rest. It was Awesomness 🙂

At the end of the events, Team totals were tabulated and posted on the Main Scoreboard located at the Master Torch on Raglan Shire and A fireworks show commenced celebrating the end of the first Weekend of The Tiny Olympics!

Next weeks events should be more of what we saw yesterday, with the teams battling head to head for Tiny Olympic Glory!  To see a list of events, dates and times, click the Events Calendar to the right. Theres lots of fun events to come in the next 3 weeks! Even if your not on a team, come cheer them on! Good Luck Teams! w000t!


*cue Olympic music*

Coming in less then 2 weeks! Its the First Ever Raglan Shire Summer Olympics!

A completely crazy and loosely organized series of events spread out over three+ weeks that three teams (The RED, GREEN & PURKLE!) will be competing in for individual & team medals to determine which team will win the Overall Team Gold, Silver & Bronze!  

If you want to compete on one of the teams, you can register yourself either here on the forums (theres a topic where you can add your name under), or in front of the Paw & Whisker club on Raglan Shire.. Just drop a notecard with your name into the box there with the big arrow pointing to it :)

We’ll have a Big Opening Cermonies on Saturday July 12th where we’ll announce the teams! (yes we will be randomly drawing up teams from all the folks who register!) as well as having a torch lighting ceremony & lots of music , & dancing!

Events will start the next day and continue for the next few weekends with STUFF going on in between events! There will be track & Field style events, Boat races, Tiny Sumo & much much more plus we’ll be raising moneyz for ONE.Org as well! Look for Tiny Olympic Swag & other things as we celebrate the Olympic Spirit.. Tiny Style!

So stop what you’re doing and Register to be on a team right now! Seriously! Right now!!


The Tree City Revamp Continues!

CHEEZ n RICE!  Wowz, its a lot of work to do stuff in Second Life! 

So it’s week 2 of the Tree city Revamp! All the platforms are in place, the Paths are on the grounds, the acorn lifts are set up.. The Sandbox is ready to open for folks…. Although we won’t be calling it a Sandbox… nope nope! It going to be called The Raglan Silica Cubicle!  HA! It’s a play on words! w000t!  Still same concept though, folks can come and build there! so much more lil things to do but its coming along nicely!  In the pic you can also see the Extrovirtual sim we put down next door. Nora & Wynx have been busy working on that sim and it looks Fabbo 😀

You are cordially Invited to…..

Step through and walk in our shoes!

Join us at The Shires Display Area!!!! 

Located at the Second Life 5th Birthday Celebration on the Ruthed Sim!

Starting at 10 am on Monday, June 23rd, feel free to come explore the area at   

The Raglan Events & Activities Group has worked hard to bring the essence of the Raglan Tiny Community to life on an 8192 sqm piece of land. It Looks great! 

Inviting visitors to “Take a walk on the TINY SIDE!”, Free tiny avatars are given out and visitors can take the tour and see exhibits of many of the past years events that have been held on the Raglan Cluster as well as get a feel for what our community is all about! 

This is a display that represents the community and it really delivers the spirit and heart that makes our lil band of merry virtual adventurers what it is today….. SOCK MUNKHHHAYYYYY!! 🙂

So come on down, take a look and Enjoy! 🙂

Raglan Represents at SL5B!

While The tree city on Raglan Shire is being revamped, The Raglan Events & Activities Group is working hard to represent the Shire Community at the upcoming Second Life 5th Birthday Party starting on the 23rd of June!  Linden Lab is hosting The Birthday Event on a series of sims and invited folks from all over the grid to submit an application for a display. The Raglan Community has been assigned  8192 Sqm of land (thats a LOTTA LAND Hooooo!) and are furiously working to turn it into a Tiny & friendly themed area for everyone to enjoy…  More details later when the Official Announcement is made!

Shown above are some of the Raglan Events & Activities Group at the SL5B Site on saturday, having a secret squirrel (IE: TOP SECRET, HUSH HUSH. on the QT!) meeting about whats going up on the build site!

Clockwise from Left: somebunny, Catten, Panacea, Lani, Clowey, Teal, Karmagirl, Kul & Etheria in front

Welcome to The Raglan Shire Blog!

Greetings and welcome to the New Raglan Shire Tiny Community Blog!

A place for current happenings, news, updates and other things having to do with the friendly, creative tiny community of Raglan Shire! Feel free to register , leave comments and check out the forums where you can leave messages and add your ideas! Raglan Shire invites everyone to participate and this is another place where you can be involved!

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