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Weekend Events & a Ton of Words!


Lots to do this weekend plus Props to the community – See below!!

Right then, this is gonna be LONG.

The 10th Anniversary celebration on Raglan Shire continues this weekend with Races across the Shire on Ground & in the air!


On Saturday at 10:30 am Racer X™ & crew are hosting a SCI-FI themed Epic Snail Race across all the sims of the Shire. Prizes, Slime & Snail Glory are there to be had!

On Sunday at 12pm Noon there is a very Special Sci-Fi themed Balloon Race entitled: The FULL OF HOT AIR BALLOON RACE™! that will also take place across all the Shire sims. entitled: The FULL OF HOT AIR BALLOON RACE™!

You still have time to grab a Space Balloon Kit & mod & decorate it to your specifications!

Prizes to the Winners as well as prizes for best decorated Balloon(s)!! Special thanks to Catten & Co. for putting this together!

After the Balloon Race at 2pm, join us at The Oxygen Bar™ for a special live musical performance by friend of the Shire & super talented musician and singer QUARTZZZ™!!

*** Bonus Comments… Very Long ***

I wanted to mention again that as a virtual world community, the fact that we’re celebrating 10 years is quite amazing. With no real support or recognition from Linden Lab or many across the grid who have no idea what we are and what we do, we have managed to consistently be the most dynamic community on the grid with events and activities consistently happening on a monthly, weekly & daily basis for 10 years!

I don’t think people realize the amount of effort (and money!)that is needed to keep it all going and while most take it for granted, to have this still firing on all cylinders at such a high level after 10 years deserves mention, in particular, many of the individuals who have been involved.

So, take a look at all these people & show them some love or for those  no longer around, appreciate their level of commitment when they were.

Mondays have been the place for The Tiny Poetry Slam & we have Copper, Jillan & Stereo to thank for always being there to bring & encourage people to share & appreciate fine Poetrification™! #WhamBamPoetrySlam

Tuesdays & Fridays have traditionally been the days to play our first game show, The Prim Charades™ Hosted by Kayak & special Guests on Tuesday Mornings & on Friday afternoons: Bloodsong & up until recently Awenbunny. First brought to the Shire by Sedona Sparrow & later recreated By Toady, Prim Charades has always been a fun gathering of madness, creativity & fun!

A few years back Bloodsong & Awen created and brought to The Shire the new game show: Triple Threat™ which is more manic madness & fun with prizes & silliness for all. They hosted it up until recently when Peaches took over. Triple Threat happens every Thursday. Blood & Awen have added so much over the years. Thank you! #WillowCreekOwnsYourSoul

Speaking of Peaches… She’s one of the original founders of the Shire & has brought many uniquely Raglan ideas & events to our community. The Time Warp animations, The Thriller Dance.. She & her husband Apollo created the very first Joust in all of Second Life & this past year with Catten & Maryams help, completely redid the Joust to bring it up into the 21st century. Peaches is also responsible for Raglan’s newest Game show Wanna Make A Deal™ which is absolutely brilliant & hosted on Saturdays when time avails. She also brought Game Night™ to the Shire last year on Wednesday nights!

Just about every day or night we are lucky to have the Cadre of DJ’s™ that spin grand music & afford the opportunity for folks to gather together for friendship & insanity.  Fullauto, Manfred, Revvie, Shandy, Alexis, Story, Shakespeare, Sky and others. These folks are the glue that helps keep everything flowing together. Thank you! #Tunage

Our Artwalk™ is something that’s always been a part of the community & has become the largest art exhibition in all of Second life routinely featuring well over 130+ artists each year spread out across the sims. Past organizers have included a small rabbit for the first two ArtWalks in year one, Jade Marsi in year three, Teal Freenote who elevated the Walk for the next five years & Karmagirl Avro who has organized the Walk the past 3 years and done so brilliantly. #ArtWalkIt’sInTents!

Along with a bevy of helpful friendly people assisting in every way possible, The Artwalk is without a doubt an amazing achievement.

Shady Fox – I don’t think I need to write anything here. We miss Shady. #WeLoveShadyFox

Etheria Parrott who is an inspiration and the very first resident of Raglan Shire. She has done so much for this community  with her creations, builds, animation & helpfulness. She has always been involved in a personal and community level. I could write a novel about this cat. Much love to Eth 🙂 #WeLoveDangercat

Panacea Pangaea – Another early denizen of the Shire community and like Etheria, an inspiration whose creativity, talent & helpfulness has brought so much to the Shire & it’s builds & overall look. She is the current curator of the Raglan Shire Art Gallery which brings 2 community artists to the Gallery every two months to showcase their work. She builds, she scripts, she PATCHES DANGERCAT UP EACH YEAR! 🙂 #CatMedicsRule

Catten Carter – Another early community member, showed up with Josephine in ’07 for our first Medieval festival & never left. Creator of so much as well. Integral to many of our events in so many ways. Seriously, there are so many things he’s been a part of. This weekend’s Balloon Race is an example of the many things Catten has created for the enjoyment of the Shire & its friends. #FerretsAreStrange

Sweecah! – She may be crazy but she’s also another brilliant creator & helpful member of the community involved in too much to mention. Swee heads up The Raglan Ranger Corp (after taking over for the late great Fox Obviate) and also creates amazing items, builds and events. She took over the Dragon Maze from the MIA Daveypup and the last three years of Mazes have been catastrophically fun & gonzo creative. She also took over the Annual Ride of Horrors & with help from the Cats re-invigorated the OSSMNESS that the Ride has become each year. #SnoopyIsWatchingYou

Nil McCallen – He took a dream & along with help from Swee & then The Cats™ (Eth, Pan, Pipa & more) was the lead architect in the rebirth and rebuild of the new Tree city on Raglan Shire. The hours involved in bringing this to fruition were staggering and it took well over a year. It is a work of art & the love and appreciation I have for this alone is beyond words. #Nil&TheCats

Dagmar Klar – She’s always been there, creating amazing builds for monthly events, pulling a rabbit out of the hat so to speak for Fashion Shows, Parties, you name it. In a pinch, Dag has created some of the most memorable party and event sets in record time as well as decorating for themes & whatever is needed at the time. Privileged to have spent time with her in real life. 🙂 #BewareDagzilla

I mentioned Teal Freenote earlier and while she hasn’t been around as of late due to other pursuits, we owe Teal a lot in regards to many things she helped with over the years. From Artwalk organizer, to Web Developer for this blog (now handled incompetently by yours truly), to the first Art Gallery Curator as well as being our very first Music director! Give a hand for Teal! #TIGER

Kage Stratten – I could go on but he created the Seminal Raglan Shire Crest. It is a thing of beauty, working upon original ideas and designs, this Crest is something that fundamentally represents what this community is. Among everything he has helped with in the past (which is quite a lot) The Crest is The Best! #TheCrestisTheBest

The BKODS™ are unto themselves, but their leaders, Jillan & Clover have always been a big part of the community, helping with so much, Organizing many events and helping with builds. Jill has held down the Annual Talent Show for years with much OSSM. As mentioned earlier she also co-hosts the Poetry Slam & both routinely decorate rooms in the Haunted house & Haunted house during Shocktober. They also contribute HEART. #GottaHaveHeart

Also Mentioned above is Karma, who is a virtual force of nature. Always there to help people. Organizing the Artwalk and helping with other activities whenever needed. She has helped organize the Sekret Santa with folks over the years & really picked up the slack when Liandras ( we miss you Liandras!) left due to health reasons years back. Karma like so many of you helps make what the Shire ultimately is, a community and a family. #WhenSquabbitsAttack

Druscilla Ferrarris – Personal Friend & The Raglan Shire Musical Director, responsible for bringing amazing live musical performers to the Shire on weekends. Who doesn’t love live Music! Also thanks to Dru for introducing the Shire to Keeba who currently tours the grid bringing musical joy to so many.. .when she isn’t living in a Walnut in the skies above Raglan. 🙂 Druscilla is currently working on this years Boffo lineup for #RaglanShireWOOTSTOCK 2017™

And of course we can’t mention folks without giving a special tribute to Caleb Kit, the Bear of Raglan™

Since I went down the Rabbit hole (rarely to be seen or heard from again) years ago, Caleb has stepped in and done EVERYTHING that normal folks would run away from while screaming . From Rentals to organizing, to fill in spots for whatever needs doing, DJ’ing, hosting etc. Caleb does the things that often go unrecognized but without a doubt enable all of what we do to continue AKA No Caleb, No Raglan Shire. #HugABearToday

Special shout-outs to:

Pyewacket who has been the de-facto Chronicler of the Shire by way of her excellent Machinima skills.

Chaffro who while not with us much these days, still takes the time to host the annual Talent Show ( 11 years straight!) & is the creator of the very first Raglan themed machinima!

Pipa – in the last few years Pipa has added special touches that may go under the radar but these things help add to the Shire making it all the more magical.

I’d like to Mention Awor Blabbermouth the Original beaver of Raglan who has long been absent but those first few years were so instrumental in helping create what Raglan has become. Awor helped create the original Sumo we used to host, he created the original Raglan Shire Squares™, he helped me build the Galaxy Space station, he scripted, built & did so much it’s beyond my ability to list. I miss him but I know he’s out in the real world doing amazing things with his family. #RememberTheBeaver

In addition there have been so many others who have helped with so much, Summer & JanosX & Trebek & our original Web Otter, Bo Fiddlesticks. 1Wuz, Tea. Akay & Stillpink, Osprey, Lani, Eleanora & Fox, Shadow, Jennylynn, Liandras.

There’s just sooooooo many to mention but if I haven’t mentioned you by name it’s not because I have forgotten or that I do not appreciate you because I do. #YouAreOSSM

All of you who have participated, who have shown your patronage, who have attended events, who have rented out land or shops or contributed financially in any respect, who have shown friendship and helpfulness, given a shoulder to cry on, put your best foot out there, who have mediated misunderstandings or shown others that there is a better path… all of you are what makes this community so special.

I have much gratitude and am in AWE of all you & what you have done. I don’t often get a chance to come in these days due to real life, (& the prognosis for spending more time in Raglan looks bleak over the next year) but please know that Raglan Shire is a special place to me because it represents what is possible when people come together and leave the status quo behind.

In any world, this is rare & unique!

Remember, there is always a need for fresh blood and new people to add their unique creativity to the Shire. You just need a few ideas, the ability to communicate and work well with others.. and lastly.. a bit of ZAZZ™

Much love to all. *wave*


@zayntill on twitter


The 2016 Raglan Shire Fashion Show This Sunday!


Its a Fashion Show-Down at High Noon!

This Sunday at 12pm SLT brings us the Annual Fashion Show on Raglan Shire! This years theme has Fashion Show Director Dagmar Klaar transporting us to the Old West… It’s a Wootenanny!

The Show showcases the Artisan Clothiers with shops/land on the Shire & features some of the finest creators for small avatar Haute Couture (of any style!) this side of the Mississippi! Join them Sunday as they and their models will be strutting their stuff down the catwalk for all to see!

If you are an Artisan Merchant Clothier there’s still time to join up and register and all the information you need can be found at the Raglan Shire SilliCube at the Sillicube Acorn Lift Station where a Fashion Show Kiosk/Poster sits. Also feel free to contact Dagmaar directly.

2016 Raglan Talent Show


It’s time for the 2016 Raglan Talent Show! Join us to celebrate the many talented tinies and future SUPERSTARS as they show us what they’ve got!

There will be singing, dancing, maybe explosions, barrels, and the return of Dangercat! Don’t miss the fun and potential mayhem!

Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 12 noon SLT.



Medieval-Fest on Raglan Shire ends with a Flourish!

The Completely retooled from the ground up JOUST is today’s big event as we say goodbye to all things Medieval!

Prior to the Joust will be the Best in Show & Parade as folken’ trot their mounts out, decked out in custom horse attire & armor or whatever the current Medieval Horse finery of the day is…. 8)


There will be Prizes & Glory (as the sign clearly says!) and afterwards…  The start of the JOUST…  STAB STAB STAB STAB ARGHHHH!!!

Seriously, I don’t know who thought riding a horse in full armor with a long A$$ Stabby Stick was a good idea but HEY.. WE ARE ALL ABOUT THE JOUST & JOUSTING GLORY!!!


Immediately after the Joust will be a live musical performance by Keeba Tammas at the Jousting grounds stage as we once again bring our Medieval-Fest to a close….


Thank ye to ALL who helped make this years Festival as Eventful as it has been and we hope you enjoyed the past 3 weeks!

Next up…






DO YE STAB???? 9/24


Medieval Festival continues as we enter the final weekend!

Today at 10:30 am It’s RacerX & The Snail Crew™ as they host their famous Snail Racing across Raglan Shire today with a Medieval theme!

Then at 1pm it’s the Debut of The All New, All Pointy:


Based on Catten’s amazing sword fighting system, this is a tournament style arena battle for Stabby Glory!

Two Knights enter the Arena of SWEAT IRON AND MAYHEM™ & one knight emerges victorious!

Prizez, Monehs.. DO YE STAB??

Tomorrow….. THE All NEW JOUST™ plus the Best In Show and Parade!

The 2016 Golden Bow Archery Tourney™ 9/18



Sunday 9/18 at 12pm Noon SLT, it’s time for:

The 11th Annual Golden Bow Archery Tournament™

Live from the All New Medieval Games platform!

Registration will begin at 11:30 am

We’ll close registration at 12pm noon SLT or when we have 16 entrants to compete , then begin promptly as competitors will vie for the title of Grand Champion!


This is a 16 person tournament style competition with each round featuring one on one Archery Action.

5 shots and highest score advances, if tied after 5 shots, competitors will take another 5 shots until there is a winner who will then advance!

Trophies! Prize Monehs!


****The Platform is now open if you would like to get in practice before tomorrows competition!

Look for Teleport signs about the Village Square and within the Castle as well as in world Notices.


Following  the Archery, at 2pm we’ll enjoy a live musical performance by the immensely talented & entertaining singer & friend of the Shire…

 Cranston Yordstorm!

Cranston always puts on a great set & his performances feature excellent music across different musical genres with the smooth vocal delivery of a performer with accomplished style & musical acumen.

Plus he does a mean Kermit the frog!


Also…as a Special Bonus:


There are 15 Brand New Medieval Festival Gestures hidden about the Interior of Castle Raglan itself!

Look for the Purple spheres with the 2016 Raglan Shire MedievalFest™ Logo and purchase for $0!  Will you find them all?

Medieval Fest Continues! Huzzah!




This Ain’t your Fathers Dragon Maze!

This Saturday at 1pm SLT you are all invited to attend and participate in the All New, All Different, 2016 Edition of the Medieval Dragon Maze!

This years Maze has been redone from the ground up and now features an Egyptian/Crusades era feel!

Swee & Pipa have built & scripted some entirely different elements now incorporated into the maze which will require even more skill & guile! No longer is it enough to merely find your way through the nearly impossible to navigate labyrinth, find the Throne Room. AVOID the Dragons hell bent on your demise, FIND the item you seek and then ESCAPE with your life…

Oh No… That’s just not enough anymore…

Nope, Now there’s Traps! Obstructions, PUZZLES to figure out in order to advance, MUMMIES who wander the halls and… AND.. AND….

A Scripted Health Meter and Combat Aspects!!

*You’ll be provided a weapon scripted to be used to fight off those Mummies that stalk you in their never ending thirst for LIFE FORCE….. AHHHHHHHHH

You can DIE in there… EEEEEEEEEEEEK!

The Various Traps, The Mummies, Deadly Gas… The Dragons…. All of it can effect your health and if you DIE… (eeeeeeek), You will be transported back outside to the Start of the Maze to start over!

Along the way , you’ll find Health Power-Ups to regain your lost vitality as you employ new tactics, logic and SHEER FORCE OF WILL to overcome the Maze and its obstacles!

This is by far the MOST Challenging Maze that’s ever been built & easily the most fun as well!

So come on out Saturday and try your hand or cheer your friends on as brave maze raiders attempt to emerge victorious and in ONE PIECE!

Trophies! Prize Monehs! Dragon Maze Glory!

We’ll go over full details before the event starts & a sneak peek at some of the rules can be seen in the graphic above.


And then….. The Golden Bow Archery Tourney™ on Sunday!

Medieval Month Continues!!!


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Medieval-Fest™ is Hear! (Ye!)


The 11th Annual Medieval Festival is Here!

We’re still decorating but the Medieval spirit has already begun and the fan fares can be heard from all over the Shire as we celebrate the next Three weekends of Medieval (non Norman) Ossm!

This weekend we begin to roll out all the fun activities and we Officially kick it all off this Saturday at 1pm at the New Raglan Castle on the Tree city as we present:

The 11th Annual Grande Ball™! Wear your finest & finery as we’ll be celebrating the fest with classic Medieval (not Norman) music & dancing along with a fine selection of wines, ales & other elixers!

Sunday at 2pm, Harmony Hall Hosts The Medieval Banquet™ with much Mead & Feed, Song & Skits by performers to accent the merriment & revelry!

In the following weeks, look for The Amazing All New Dragon Maze™ which now has an additional combat element and will require more skill then ever before to come out as Champion!

The 11th annual Golden Bow Archery Tournament follows as well as Valiant & Determined BowMen & BowWomen put their skill  to the test as they try to keep their aim true while vying for the title of Grand Champion!

Then there’s The All New Raglan Shire Ultimate Stabby Stabby Championship™!

Tournament Style Action Packed Combat by Sword in The Arena of Sweat, Iron & Mayhem™!! Two Knights enter, One Knight emerges Victorious!

We end the Medieval Festival with the Mother of all Medieval festival Events… an event first created in Second Life right here on Raglan Shire as we proudly present:

The New & Improved Raglan Shire Joust!!™ – Original Creators Peaches & Apollo have combined their wizardry with Catten in redesigning the Entire Joust from the ground up, Mounts and all!

Do you have what it takes to ram a long sharp stabby pole of DEVASTATING DOOM™ through your opponent and remain unscathed ’till the bloody end and Hold aloft the Championship Trophy?

Prizes & Prize monies! Trophies & so much more for not just our winners but all competitors!

Look for details about all the happenings as they approach!

Also look for A new Castle Gesture Hunt™, Musical performances & Even the return of Madame Peaches™ – renowned for her uncanny Pawlm Readings!


No 3.5 mm headphone jacks were removed or harmed in the making of this post



There’s a Medieval Storm Brewing!


And So It Begin’eth!!

The Castle & start of the Medievel Village have been placed down as we prep for the 11th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival which is starting now!

Lots of Things to do and see including revamped classics and new Events!

Over the next week as we finalize the grounds and castle, folks will have a chance to wander about and see our backdrop, play games, dance to the Medieval Cadre of melody makers and then… The Medieval STUFF will start!

The Grand Costume Ball™ – To kick everything off!

  The All New Pyramid Dragon (and Mummy!) Maze™ – Swee has outdone herself with this years entry designed to test your logic and patience as competitors will try to find their way through the maze and escape with the treasure without being roasted, clawed or eaten by the Dragons at the center in the throne room OR the Mummies wandering the hallways! (open to all regardless of size!)

The 11th Golden Bow Archery Tourney™ – Will you taste Archery Glory? Trophies & Pieces of gold awarded to the top 3 finishers! (open to all regardless of size!)

The Raglan Shire Ultimate Stabby Stabby Championship™  – TWO Knights enter THE ARENA OF SWEAT ,IRON AND MAYHEM™ & ONE Knight emerges victorious! Tournament style sword fighting action for all! Trophies , Prize moneys and Sword fighting Glory could be yours!

The 10th Annual Raglan Shire JOUST™ – The Brand New Recreated Joust as created by Catten, Apollo & Peaches AKA C.A.P™ & Hosted by C.A.P™! New Animations, new Horses, New ways to be impaled! This is the Grand-daddy of all the Medieval Festival events (open to all sizes!)! Will you emerge as the Grand Champion or as a smear on the ground?  Trophies & Prize Money to the Winners plus the adulation and lucrative sponsorship deals that invariable will flow in!

**In addition to the above, expect to see Live musical performances, Fortune telling and maybe a few extra surprises (Hunts? Balloon Races? Medieval Godzilla?).

Rat Pops, all manner of Food on a stick & Wootberry ales and wine available to quench your medieval hunger and thirst!

Get Ready folks! It’s time to get MEDIEVAL! 🙂 

Raglan Shire Welcome Center™ Update

Welcome Center update2

WELCOME CENTER INFO or ‘How I learned to Love Lettuce’
By Zayn Till – Three Time UFC Welterweight Champion.

With the advent of the new tree city, one of the important concepts in addition to presenting a magnificent build with many places of interest to see and explore was to bring our Prim/Li count wayyyyyyy down to a more manageable state. Proper build concepts, incredible imagination and the use of mesh helped to significantly accomplish just that and now The Tree City on Raglan Shire is something that I and many others are proud to call home. (my nephew and niece want to live there!)

For the Raglan Shire Welcome Center™, in addition to decreasing Prim/Li, we decided to take a different approach on presentation and practical functionality.

The Welcome center as I originally conceived it and as designed and implemented by folks (either long since gone from Second Life or rarely on anymore) was a place where people could get information about our community, either it’s history and current goals, rules (HA RULES) as well as links to our Raglan Shire merchant shops or community areas of interest be they public landmarks of places to see and visit or resident run areas on the various sims.

In addition we also wanted to have some STUFF! Free stuff that first time visitors could snag to help them in their exploration as newcomers to the Raglan Shire community and what being a Raglamuffin™ is all about. Over time it became a place often visited & laden with helpful information but also, a very prim intensive area as people with land rights put out more and more freebie items in single boxes.

The New Welcome Center will still offer information on our community, it’s history and unique non role play (BUT SILLY) culture that focuses on creativity, collaboration & friendship (powered by waffles).
It will still have some excellent items available for free for people, including just about every gesture I have ever created and a host of useful other ‘Thing-a-ma-bobs™’ that people can pick and choose from donated and provided by a host of lovely individuals.


There are a few new differences on how we will be maintaining the Welcome Center.

One of our newer goals is to drive traffic to our merchants who keep shops on the city(and by doing so, help us pay for the ridiculously high tier that Linden Lab charges me each month).

We love our Artisans & Artisan merchants!

Just wanted to make that clear. 🙂

Many of our Merchant Folken™ offer their own excellent freebies, but it makes no sense to expect them to place all of these out at the Welcome Center and not at their own shops. So we want to offer information at the Welcome Center that people can easily view that will then encourage them to visit said shops where in addition to procuring any freebies, they can also view the complete inventories of our talented merchants and their wares (which they work very hard to create).

The other change is that in order to keep the prim count as low as possible I will not be allowing anyone to place items out at the Welcome Center on their own so that we can control the prim/Li count.

We will now be offering A vendor system that will house all freebie items at the Welcome Center™.

If you (either as a Merchant or non Merchant) have something you would like to have at the Welcome Center as a freebie, Please package up what it is you would like to offer as a FULL PERM item and state which perms you want it to have… OR send a Picture and landmark to your shop. You can also send a link to your marketplace listing.

Send all items,pictures, LM’s as described above to:
RaglanShireWelcome Resident

We appreciate you working with us as we continue to maintain the Raglan Shire Sim in the most efficient manner and we thank you for being kind enough to consider others and your desire to offer fun free items of interest as well as information!

Thank you!

Also a big thanks to our Welcome Center Director Mz. Peaches™ Latrell for managing the welcome center as well as the folks behind the scenes who help make our community as friendly and welcoming as possible.

Remember that Raglan Shire is a community that is open to anyone and everyone regardless of size, shape, real world status quo, beliefs, orientation etc. and as such when we say welcome, we mean it! 🙂


– Zayn