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Raglan Shire Sim Rebuild Phase II

It’s Almost Upon Us! A video that gives a quick look at where we’re at and the OSSM that is fast approaching! 8) The Entire Sim redesign is being done for a variety of reasons, (look for further posts on just this point) But ultimately it comes down to what I asked folks at this […]


2015 SHOCKTOBER™ – in 3D-Shirevision™!

AHHHH ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG AHHHHHHHH… SHOCKTOBER!!! The BEST TIME OF THE YEAR is here! Well…. I may be biased…BUT IT IS!! There is SO MUCH CRAZY SCARY STUFF happening on the Shire during the GREATEST MONTH OF THE YEAR …AGAIN.. *ahem* err in the next few weeks…. WOT STUFF?   (Didn’t you read the poster […]


Raglan Shire Medieval Fest 2015

HEAR YE’, HEAR YE, There is so much to do during Raglan Shire’s 2015 Medieval Fest – music, dancing, dueling, snail races, jousting, caber tossing, carnival rides, forchoons, poetry, Raglan U classes, plague decontamination, dragon maze, food on a stick, jestering, splinter removal, measuring the air speed velocity of a swallow, and so much more! […]



  WOOTSTOCK! The Summer of WOOT continues as WOOTSTOCK returns for 3 days of musical OSSM! With another stellar lineup of talent for this, the 9th Raglan Shire Wootstock, it’ll be a non stop gathering of talent, friends & silliness! Bring the whole family (umm except for your Uncle Brian.. nobody wants to see Uncle […]


Check Out This Charming Piece from Pyewacket!

Magic! This is a charming video filmed & edited by Pyewacket that details the recent SLB12 build for Raglan Shire that Etheria, Panacea, Clover & others created. Bravo! 8)


The 4th of JELLY = BOOM & POW!

Join us on Heron Shire by the water for lots of colorful BANG & BOOM & OHHHHHH plus & STUFF on the 4th of JELLY boardwalk! Show starts at 3pm Slt ! BYOW! (Bring your own Woot!) 8)  


Town Hall Edited Audio Overview

A shorter overview of all things discussed at last weekends two Town Hall Meetings on Raglan Shire Online. For those folks who couldn’t attend, feel free to listen at your convenience.


Sneak Peek™

We’re making magic Big Props to Nil & The Cats™! Check back at this space for more details over the coming months as work continues on the redesign of the Raglan Shire Sim! BAM


Town Hall Meetings This Weekend!

  This weekend I will be holding two Town Hall meetings for interested folken to attend to hear about the State of The Shire & what the future holds. Everyone is invited to attend one or both (if you would like) meetings. I will be discussing items & topics that are quite important in regards […]


Artwalk registration is now open!

Raglan Shire’s 10th Artwalk starts May 3, registration is now open and will close on Sunday April 26th. So there is still time to register! To register go here:  https://sites.google.com/site/raglanshireartwalk/Home/ any questions contact me (karmagirl avro) or my artwalk assistants: Dagmar Klaar & Jillan McMillan

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