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The Month of JELLY! & Thar Be PIRATES on the Horizon!!


Welp, the Month of JANE is over! How awesome was Jane too?  The Drive in Theater, the OOL!  (there’s no P in our OOL!), the Paintball, the Futbol match! JANE rocked!

But now…thar be Pirates on the horizon! The grounds on Raglan have already started to transmogrify into the Pirate Cove! Craggy rocks surround the entire area with sandy beaches and wonderous undersea fauna and sea creatures beginning to be populated below…Pirate ships have appeared and… Rabbit Skull Island has risen once again… YARRRRR, thar be pirates approaching!

Over the next few days everything wil be furiously put into place and early next week, The Raglan Merchant folken will start placing their pirate themed wares inside Rabbit Skull Island as we prepare for the Official Kick off of PIRATE Month which starts Jelly 17th and runs through Arrghust 15th!  Tons of activities and Stuff! The Air Krakken Battle! The Treasure Hunt! The Pirate Paintball! Live music! Live Performance! Dj’s and dancing on the beach and under the sea! Plus MOAR!

Look for Notices, Blawg posts and check the Calendar for wot watery fates await ye! YARRR!!


Tiny Swagtastic Weekends!

Fab new weekly event for Raglan Shire merchants and shoppers!
tiny swagtastic weekends (poster by Dorian)

SHOPPERS: Every Weekend, you’ll be sent a list of vendors selling items at their Raglan Stores for 50L. Subscribo kiosks are located all over the Shire, hosted by the participating stores that are a part of Tiny Swagtastic Weekends Merchants! There is a main Kiosk for shoppers at the Visitor’s Center (

MERCHANTS: Teleport to the Tiny Swagtastic Weekends Merchant Area ( and click the purkle subscribo kiosk near the landing point. Fill out the application located in the waffle pack (buy for 0L), and drop the application in the mailbox. Once you’ve joined, your landmark will be added to the vendor list, inviting shoppers to stop by and check out your items and sales!

The first Swagtastic Weekend will be Jelly (July) 2nd – 4th!

More information about the event is available in the Merchant Package available in the Tiny Swagtastic Weekends Merchant Area, and on Tia’s blog.

(Swagtastic image above by Dorian Longstaff)

Raglan Shire @ SL7B

On June 23, 2010, Second Life will be officially seven years old. The event starts at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, June 21 and runs through Sunday, June 27 – and Raglan has a plot to help celebrate!

The Grid.... powered by tinies and waffles =)

Powering the Grid

Waffle Power!

The fab build for Raglan was envisioned by Chaffro, and was built with the helpful paws of many Raglan residents including Chaffro, Shadow, Panacea, Dagmar, and Misa.

So between June 21 and June 27 be sure to stop by! (SLURL)

Artwalk Opening Party!

Artwalk 2010 has Begun!

Tinies gathered for a fab party to launch the 2010 Artwalk.
Artwalk Party

Groovy tunes were provided by Wolfear and tinies danced in their finest artwear.
Artwalk Party

Artwalk Party

Over 100 artists, and over 1500 pieces of art – RL, SL, 2D and 3D. Art…. on a hedge! Visit Raglan Shire (slurl) over the next three weeks to check out the fabulous art!

Raglan U Class: Kayak’s Elroy Jetson Cap

Raglan U Class with Kayak

Wednesday April 7, 8am AND 6pm SLT

Class level: beginner

Remember the Jetson TV show? Make your own cool Elroy Jetson Cap using 6 prims.
Learn to duplicate prims, use cut path and dimple, change building block types, and position a attachment. Oh and have FUN doing it. Bonus Jetsons sounds and notes at the end.

Kayak’s classes are step by step, so everyone can follow along.

Questions encouraged!

Raglan U: Scripting Classes March 22nd and 29th

Scripting with the fabulous Toady will resume next Monday, March 22nd! Two classes at 11:00 am and at 5:00 pm so both European and American tinies will be able to attend.

Monday, March 22nd (11:00 am & 5:00 pm)
Basic Scripting: LL Server, Link Messages, Moving & Rezzing Prims

Monday, March 29th (11:00 am & 5:00 pm)
Toad’s Eye View of Particles – Make some fun working particle things!

Walk of Love has begun!

Raglan is showing the LOVE! The Merchants of Raglan Shire cluster are celebrating Valentines day with the Second Annual Walk of love.

How do you find the participating stores? Go to either the Paw & Whisker or the Welcome Center to grab your Walk of Love info kit which includes a map (that you can hold in your paw!).

Walk of Love 2010
Walk of Love 2010

Special thanks to Rizzo Taurus, Eleanora Newell and the participating stores!

Fabulous Fabuary Events!

Get ready for some awesome upcoming events!

7th: Raglan Film Festival (11:30 am)
13th: Chinese New Year
14th: Valentine’s Day Dance
12th-21st: Raglan 2nd annual Walk of Love
16th: Raglan Shire Haiku Speed Build (6:00 pm)
19th: Raglan Shire Steam Punk Mardi Gras (through March 7th)

Image by Chaffro

And all month long our regularly scheduled events:
Every Tuesday morning (10:30 am), and Friday night (5:00 pm): Primtionary
Wednesday nights (7:00 pm): DJ Shandy

Keep updated by checking the Raglan Shire Events Calendar!

(Image by Chaffro)

Raglan U (FABuary 1-7th)

This week we have two beginning level classes being hosted at Raglan U! Join us to learn, build, and have fun =)

Valentine’s Day Cards with Misa
Monday, February 1st, 5PM
Level: Beginner
(details to be posted)

Kayak’s Chiminea Class
Tuesday, February 2nd, 9:00 am, and 4:00 PM
Level: beginner
Have fun making a lovely six prim Chiminea with flickering flames for your home or as a gift. Learn or improve your skills at Prim duplication, transparency, texturing, and adding a script to a prim.

Kayak's Chiminea class