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Raglan Shire Sim Rebuild Phase II

It’s Almost Upon Us!

A video that gives a quick look at where we’re at and the OSSM that is fast approaching! 8)

The Entire Sim redesign is being done for a variety of reasons, (look for further posts on just this point) But ultimately it comes down to what I asked folks at this past Junes Town Hall which is to join me in taking a leap of faith.

SL as it stands today is a slowly shrinking platform and for Raglan Shire to continue forward, we need to bring new people to the community, encourage existing community members to participate and to generally evolve.

I know change is hard but I really believe that what we’re working on is magical.

Remember too that this is only happening on the Raglan Shire Sim ONLY. No other sims are being redesigned currently. Depending on our survival (LOL), we may look at Heron Shire down the line but that’s it.

Lemme quickly go over the major take away points again for people who might still be uncertain. 

  1. All shops & most activities, games etc. will be in the TREES.. The Tree City is Huge and the central platform for the major events that is being worked on is VAST and larger then the space we use currently on the grounds. The new tree city has many things to explore and see. It dwarfs the current tree city design in size and creativity & the people who are creating all this are building everything to include weather systems, scaleability & custom options that can be implemented when needed.
  2. The Sillicube will be moving up into its own area in the trees as part of the new city.
  3. The Grounds below will be a vast beautiful forest. 

That being said, I think I’ve always been a person of my word and have always tried to do right by everyone sans drama. As always I offer straight up communication (Phone and Skype call preferable to text) for ANYONE who has real questions and who need direct answers.

Leap of faith folks, it’s how all of this got started or as I tell folks.. for every day of trust that I earn from you, give me another day.. and continue to do so.. one day at a time.

We will absolutely be providing more information, details, answers on everything regarding all things New Raglan Shire as it gets closer.

Also so everyone is aware, I am planning on giving all shop folken on Raglan a free month of rent during the few weeks when the new design will be put in place.

There was a great observation by one of our own which I responded to on FaceThing™, but thought I would include the response here as well.

Regarding Personalization™ of shops and moving to a more uniform overall aesthetic:

“Shop owners will be able to decorate their shops in the new city on both the interior and exterior. The shops themselves while sharing the overall feel of the entire city do come in various shapes sizes and designs including special little details & customization aspects built in for Shop folks.

AKA: They really aren’t the same and again, shop folken will be able to do with the spaces as they want including texturing on the inside and signage and decoratives on the outside. The overall uniform aesthetic on such a huge scale is stunning in virtual person and while the video does give you a glimpse at how large and city like everything will now feel, you really don’t get that until you actually are walking around which soon everyone will be able to do.

The sim as it stands has been the same for the last 8+ years and due to many shop owners feeling a disparity in whether shops are ground based or not, the overall rebuild is being done to fuel imagination, improve functionality and make it so that regardless of the type of shop you may have, everyone will be equally accessible and in a much more immersive environment then has been the case. I of course recognize that you can’t please everyone all the time so I will leave it to the shop folks once the city is unveiled and they have a chance to walk and see the city as to whether they wish to remain a patron of Raglan or not with no ill will if they choose the latter.”

*** But I really hope you will stay and help make the new city even more amazing because even with all the character it will have on launch, that character will be increased tenfold once all folken add their own take to their own spaces 🙂

Look for more info and thanks!





Wootstock Poster


The Summer of WOOT continues as WOOTSTOCK returns for 3 days of musical OSSM!

With another stellar lineup of talent for this, the 9th Raglan Shire Wootstock, it’ll be a non stop gathering of talent, friends & silliness!

Bring the whole family (umm except for your Uncle Brian.. nobody wants to see Uncle Brian after what he did LAST YEAR… just sayin’) and all your friends! Fun for everyone!


Town Hall Meetings This Weekend!

town hall 2015


This weekend I will be holding two Town Hall meetings for interested folken to attend to hear about the State of The Shire & what the future holds.

Everyone is invited to attend one or both (if you would like) meetings.

I will be discussing items & topics that are quite important in regards to the community at large as well as be fielding questions afterwards from anywone who has.. well.. questions. 🙂

Two meetings are being held to help with attendance because we all know how busy folks are. 🙂  Notices to be sent the days of with SLURLS.

Hope to see you there!

8 Years today.

8th raglan

8 Years today.

Today marks 8 years to the day since Raglan Shire first opened to the public.  I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for joining along on the ride, participating, engaging, encouraging and generally having a fine time.
Thanks & a heartfelt applause for you all 🙂

Fundraising Final Tally for The Animals!


ELISH, one of our Adopted Animals. GIRAFFE!

After going through all the denotations of denominations given freely from the kind & generous souls of The Shire during last  years Medieval Festival in September as part of the annual raising of the FUNDS for our adopted & assorted Critter charities….

The final Tally is in & Thanks to all of YOU , we raised an even $100,000 L / $400 US.


  Monies will be sent to renew our adoptions of Elish the Giraffe located at the ZSL Zoo in London, England     & Fluffy the Malayan Tapir who resides at The Sedgwick County Zoo in Witchita, Kansas in the US

I’ll also be sending monies to The Performing Animal Welfare Society & The Elephant Sanctuary

These are great Organizations and again much appreciation to everyone who organized and contributed to helping our animal friends!
Thanks Everyone!



The 7th Annual Raglan Shire Winterfest ZOMG!

It’s that time of year when the snow piles up on the Shire and happy folks flit about enjoying all the wintery, snowey STUFF that is ongoing for the next several weeks. Mount Waffle, the ski runs, the Ice Rink, the Winter Village, the Community Tree, the 12 days of Wootmas, Artisan created goodies and so much more! Join us this Wootmas season for live music and caroling, dancing and gift giving as we celebrate Winter… IN THE SNOW!!

*No snow was harmed in the making of this years Winterfest….srsly.


Super 6 is coming!


April 2013 will mark Raglan Shire’s 6th anniversary of being and as usual we are holding a themed-event month to celebrate. This year’s may prove to be one of the most exciting and dynamic yet!

It’s Super 6: Superheroes versus Supervillains!

For the 30 days of April, the League of Defenders (LoD) will fight back against the forces of the Legion of Tiny Villains (LTV) from spreading their influential menace across the cluster!

The LoD have erected a glorious base of operations beside the Shire’s favourite social hangout, the Paw & Whisker clubhouse. It’s a pristine white villa and has been strategically placed directly opposite the abandoned warehouse that the LTV have taken up residence in. The former base of operations of The Leftovers Catering Company has fallen into ruin but the LTV are now using it to cook up their own evil schemes!

So what do you need to do? Well first, choose your super secret identity – it could be an existing hero or it could be a brand new hero with a custom outfit; and then find some allies and prepare to square off against your foes!

But on whose side of the stream will you align yourself with? Will you stand alongside the heroes of the League of Defenders or will you set out to cause trouble with the Legion of Tiny Villains? Or will you align yourself with neither? Perhaps you will be a mercenary, ready to fight for the highest bidder or perhaps you are already part of a group that will take on all-comers!

Raglan Shire Needs YOU!!

Saturday’s Town Hall Meeting for the Shire Community.

It’s been over five years since we created Raglan Shire and in that time we have created a wonderful magical place that’s become a fun online destination for people from all over the world to visit and participate in. Sure we’re cute but we’re also friendly and silly and helpful and we KNOW how to put on a non stop series of fun, interactive and involved events and activities for folks to enjoy.

No Seriously we REALLY DO.

SO today I invited members of our community to come and join me in a town hall meeting that I entitled:

Raglan Shire: – HELP! HELP!

(that’s a catchy title ya?)

I talked to folks about how much actual work it is to do all the fun things we do and how hard it is to keep up the lines of communication, planning and organizing while simultaneously making it seem EASY… so much so that many have even begun taking it for granted…. which is understandable.. FO SHO 🙂

The thing is, as most know, Raglan Shire the Community isn’t run as a “for profit” organization in virtual worlds. We genuinely do it because we love doing the stuff we do. We love making new friends, playing with them, creating with them, collaborating with them and generally spreading that patented Tiny good cheer that The Tinies of Raglan Shire are known for.

That being said, the fact that it is indeed very hard work ( I liken it to as hard a job as many of my real life corporate, construction and entertainment jobs I’ve personally had over the last 25 years. Seriously.) and nobunneh (including the bunny who pays the bills) makes anything really. Again.. we do it because it brings great joy to our friends and family and visitors etc, etc, et al, habeus corpus….. and yada yada


Over the last 5 years we’ve always had a committed small group who have personally put in a great amount of time helping with the creation, organization, building, scripting, sign making, cheer-leading and everything else you could possibly imagine that is required to put on Medieval Festivals, Live concerts, Art Walks, Mardi Gras festivals,  Summers of Woot and everything else we do month after month year after year.  Many folks have been a dedicated part of our events and activities groups for years whole others have found their time limited by real life needs or new interests and have either left to forge their own path or stayed on in a less active role. In the 5+ years we’ve been around people have come and people have gone but everyone who has been a member of the core events team have always done a bang up job in doing that voodoo that Raglan do, oh so well.

However at this time, Many folks are indeed being effected by real life and other interests and we have less and less tiny Man/woman power that are actively helping which again is quite understandable. SO… I believe now is as good a time as any to ask YOU, the community of the Shire for your help.

Over the next weeks and months we’re going to try and involve as many of you who would genuinely like to participate and add your own special SEKRET TINY “YOU” SAWCE to helping with the things that need helping with. Namely Events activities .. the stuff that makes it fun for folks   🙂

Initially we’ve set up some new Forum Directories on our Raglan Shire forums that you can visit and learn whats needed and how its done and how you can help. For now it will be a slow process as we set up the various methods of communication we’ll ALL need to get a feel for who wants to do what , availability, communication and skill sets.. did i mention COMMUNICATION & PATIENCE? 🙂

Pertinent Forum Link is here ( also on the side of the page too)

You’ll see various forums there, but the one you’ll be particularly interested in is the section labeled:

Community Involvement – Wanna be involved? Go Here!

There’s 3 Forums under there (more to be added) that initially will act as a two way repository of info regarding all of this.

We;re looking for help with the tried and true as well as help with entirely new ideas some that you yourselves may come up with!

I have always said that our community is just that.. a real community. And right now… *military drumming* Your community needs YOU!  *points at you*

In closing, this is a grand experiment and we ask that while we all try and communicate and plan and figure out how to best bring people on board with their help and skills and ideas and desire to chip in, that you also understand that this will take time and patience.

I as always appreciate all of you and if i could would Hug you all right now 🙂

Thank you all who came today and to those who couldn’t but sent me oodles of IM’s and messages of support, thanks to you as well.

Tell your friends and if you havent already signed up for our forums, go ahead and do it! Its easy!

Everything mentioned above applies to INWORLDZ Raglan Shire as well! jus’ sayin 🙂

The rest of you, Head to the Forums and again… IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A WAFFLE!

Much Luv – Zayn Bunneh