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2016 Raglan Talent Show


It’s time for the 2016 Raglan Talent Show! Join us to celebrate the many talented tinies and future SUPERSTARS as they show us what they’ve got!

There will be singing, dancing, maybe explosions, barrels, and the return of Dangercat! Don’t miss the fun and potential mayhem!

Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 12 noon SLT.

Raglan Shire Medieval Fest 2015



There is so much to do during Raglan Shire’s 2015 Medieval Fest – music, dancing, dueling, snail races, jousting, caber tossing, carnival rides, forchoons, poetry, Raglan U classes, plague decontamination, dragon maze, food on a stick, jestering, splinter removal, measuring the air speed velocity of a swallow, and so much more!

Medieval Fest runs through September. Keep an eye on the official Ye Olde Raglan calendar and group notices for times and events!


Raglan Talent Show 2014!

Talent show 2014

Mark your calendars – it’s almost time for The Raglan Talent Show!  Watch the most talented tinies from across the Shires as they sing, dance, tell stories, and perform feats of daring-do.  This is an event not to be missed!  Come cheer on our talented performers and Emcee Chaffro as we close out Showvember with a bang!

Talent!  On a stick!

Sunday, Nov. 30 at noon SLT

Talent Show 2013

Saturday, November 30 1pm SLT – Showvember closes with a BAM! at the spectacular Raglan Talent Show!  Join us at the Tardis stage to watch tinies from all over the Shires share their fabulous talents with us.  There will be music, dancing, feats of daring do… and much much more!

If you’re going to see one talent show in Raglan this month, make it this one!

Showvember Talent2013

Last Week of Medieval Fest 2013 and fundraiser for da critters!!


Medieval Fest comes to a close on Sunday, September 29, but there’s still lots of festing to do!   There’s Prim Charades, Raglan U, Cheezi tournament, Masquerade Ball, and jousting tourney!

And raising funds for the critters!  We’re still raising money for our adopted zoo family.  Donations will go to our adopted Tapir and adopted Giraffe with, any extra going to other critter groups.  Donations accepted in the Wishing Well and Stockades in Medieval Square.


Coming soon…. SHOCKTOBER!

Talent! On a stick!!

Talent Show – A Pwayum

by Rowena Paine

The Raglan Shire Talent show, it comes but once a year,
and happily we do announce the date is drawing near.
Our theme this year is Flea Club, like your high school’s favorite crew
for singing dancing showmanship, and jokes and drama too.
We know that you’ve got talent within your Tiny soul
and sharing it with everyone is each Showvember’s goal.
The Biggies might be bigger in stature and in pride
but no biggie talent’s greater than what Tinies can provide.
Don’t worry or be shy: if your confidence runs short,
no one’s better than the Tinies in showing you support.
Each act is brief, five minutes or three, it’s over really fast
So own that stage! Be brave! Be great! and when the act has passed
sit down and join the Tiny crowd in cheering on the rest.
You’ll laugh so hard and clap so loud your fur will be all messed.
But that’s the joy of silliness and sharing with your friends
and if the chat lag eats us all: it was a happy end.
Please sign up now, dont wait to send your inworld notecard post
to Ms. Jillan Mcmillan, Flea Club’s student body host.
For Wootberry High School needs you to come and strut your stuff,
a magic show, a song, a skit, we just can’t get enough!
Walk the highest wire or jump through flaming hoops,
acrobatics, juggle-ing, a solo act or troops.
Keep it all PG, people, is one thing we ask
shutting down a naughty show is such an awful task.
November 25th at noon is what you must remember,
A great way to wind up 2012’s Showvember.
Our moms told us it’s not polite to brag at being clever
the fact remains, this Shire: it has the greatest talent ever!

Showvember!  Talent Show Fashion Show and Studio BAM!

If you are interested in being part of the Talent Show –  either as a act, or behind-the-scenes volunteer – contact Jillan McMillan or Rowena Paine.  Drop a note card in SL, send a  forum IM, or email to  If you don’t hear back within a day or two, assume that IMs got capped and poke us with a stick!


Arrrgh..ust is pirate month!

Ahoy there tiny buccaneers!  Pirates have landed at Bunneh Skull Island and taken over the Shires!  There be plunderin’ and pillagin’ aplenty throughout the month of Arrrghust – as well as movies, treasure hunts, pirate poetry, spontaneous dance parties and much more!

Stay tuned – Saturday Aug. 11 – Sunday Aug. 12 is Krakken Weekend!


Check out what’s on the Shire events calendar!

Sunday, August 5
8:00am – Sci-Fi Radio Theatre – Raglan Galaxy
4:00pm – Pirate Dance, trivia, costume contest
Monday, August 6
6:00pm – Tiny Poetry Slam
Tuesday, August 7
10:30am – Prim Charades
Wednesday, August 8
10:00am – Raglan U. Wednesday Eurotinies with Toady
6:00pm – Raglan U. Wednesdays with Toady
Thursday, August 9
7:00pm – DJ Shandy
Friday, August 10
5:00pm – Prim Charades Friday SL
Saturday, August 11
7:00am – Raglan Haiku Speed Build
5:00pm – 80s Night at The Paw and Whisker with DJ Fullauto
Sunday, August 12
8:00am – Sci-Fi Radio Theatre – Raglan Galaxy
1:00pm – Pirate Stories with Bear & Derry!
Monday, August 13
6:00pm – Tiny Poetry Slam

It’s the Summer of Woot!

So hot outside, so much to do in the Shires!  The OOL is open, complete with spa hawt tub, slides, stage, and food court. There is always a party at the ool!  Coming soon – Summer Wootstock and Summer Olympics!

Note:  the ool water scripts work with The Swimmer HUD sold in-world or on SL Marketplace by Siggy Romulus.  Normal watercraft and toys will work in the prim water with or without the HUD.  Check in-world for more details.

Please remember  – be kind to your fellow OOL guests.
1 – Clean up after yourself, don’t leave your toys behind.
2 – No peeing in the ool, or other grossness.  It’s just icky and no one wants to see it.
3 – The ool is laggy enough without excessive particles or gigantic ool toys. Leave them at home.
4 – There is no number 4

What’s going on in the Shires this week?  Here’s the schedule – and there is more to come!

Tuesday, June 5
10:30am – Prim Charades
3:00pm – Raglan U – Tuesdays with Toady

Wednesday, June 6
10:00am – Raglan U. for Euro Tinies with Toady

Thursday, June 7
7:00pm – DJ Shandy at the Paw and Whisker

Friday, June 8
5:00pm – Prim Charades Friday SL

Saturday, June 9
7:00am – Raglan Haiku Speed Build
5:00pm – 80s Night at The Paw and Whisker with DJ Fullauto

Sunday, June 10
8:00am –  Sci-Fi Radio Theatre – Raglan Galaxy

Monday, June 11
6:00pm –  Tiny Poetry Slam – Theme: water and water play-time