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Super 6 is coming!


April 2013 will mark Raglan Shire’s 6th anniversary of being and as usual we are holding a themed-event month to celebrate. This year’s may prove to be one of the most exciting and dynamic yet!

It’s Super 6: Superheroes versus Supervillains!

For the 30 days of April, the League of Defenders (LoD) will fight back against the forces of the Legion of Tiny Villains (LTV) from spreading their influential menace across the cluster!

The LoD have erected a glorious base of operations beside the Shire’s favourite social hangout, the Paw & Whisker clubhouse. It’s a pristine white villa and has been strategically placed directly opposite the abandoned warehouse that the LTV have taken up residence in. The former base of operations of The Leftovers Catering Company has fallen into ruin but the LTV are now using it to cook up their own evil schemes!

So what do you need to do? Well first, choose your super secret identity – it could be an existing hero or it could be a brand new hero with a custom outfit; and then find some allies and prepare to square off against your foes!

But on whose side of the stream will you align yourself with? Will you stand alongside the heroes of the League of Defenders or will you set out to cause trouble with the Legion of Tiny Villains? Or will you align yourself with neither? Perhaps you will be a mercenary, ready to fight for the highest bidder or perhaps you are already part of a group that will take on all-comers!


Dear Friends of the Shire,

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