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Land Info

Types & Pricing

If you’re interested in leasing or renting your own little bit of Raglan as a home or business, the Raglan Cluster has many locales from which to choose.


  • Land lease of various sizes on Morning Shire, Haven Shire and Raglan Commons sims (price varies)
  • Affordable Cottage and Houseboat rentals in the Artisan Village on Athen Shire, In the forest of Heron Shire and also on the Haven Shire sim ($400L/wk for cottages, $200L/wk for Houseboats)
  • Apartment pod rentals on the Tiny International Space Station in orbit over the Raglan Galaxy sim (125$L/wk)

Land is for lease in the charming Raglan forested areas. It has no huge upfront sale price in addition to monthly rent, and there is no deposit required — just low monthly rent, which varies by parcel. Land is deeded to your group of choice so you have the ability to change music and video stream as well as do some terraforming or whatever decorating you desire so long as it meets the terms of land lease, just as if you owned it outright.

Cottages in these charming forested sims are cozy but spacious, 400 $L weekly, and come with a cottage AND 175 prim to decorate. Houseboats are 200 $L a week and include a houseboat and 75 prim to decorate with. Both offer a very pleasant place to call virtual home on the Shire!

Apartment Pods on the Amazing Tiny International Space Station in orbit above the Raglan Galaxy sim include 50 prims to decorate for only 125 $L a week. They are small but cozy, affordable Spaces that offer adjustable tintable windows, locking doors, and AWESOME views from space.


  • Vendor stalls of various sizes on the Raglan Shire Wharf & Coastal Fortress area on the Heron Shire sim (50-350$L/wk)
  • Vendor stalls and rental plots on the Grounds and Tree City platforms on Raglan Shire proper (200-350$L/wk)

The main vendor areas are located on the Wharf and Coastal fortress area on Heron Shire and on the adjacent sim of Raglan Shire itself. The Wharf is an old world themed area that features many shops of Tiny themed wares. The shops on Raglan Shire are comprised of ground shops and many vendor stalls high in the trees on the tree platforms known as The Tree City.

On the Wharf & Coastal Fortress area on Heron Shire there are various shop spaces ranging from small carts and tent booths to caravan styled shops and store space within the old-world buildings. Tent Booths and Carts are 50 $L a week for 15 prims , while Caravan spaces and space in certain buildings are 100 $L a week for 25 prims. A few other shops are 350 $L a week with 100 prim. (In some circumstances, extra prims are available.)

Ground hut shop spaces come with 100 prim for 350 $L and are ideal as main shops. Vendors who rent ground shops are also allowed to create their own buildings (up to 25 prims that do NOT count against your prim allowance) to use or use one of our prefabs. There are also ground huts on the Corners of Raglan available for 300 $L for 75 prims, and are as you see them, not to be replaced. Platform vendor spaces on the tree platforms come with 50 prims for 200 $L and come in 2 styles which you can decorate as you wish within the prim allowance.


FOR LAND, Vendor SPACES & COTTAGES: Contact Catten Carter or Bo Fiddlesticks for details and/or to be put on a waiting list.


FOR APARTMENT PODS on the Space Station: Contact Liandras Jameson for details and/or to be put on a waiting list.

About Raglan Policy

The Raglan Shire Cluster of Sims is here for the community of the Friends and Artisans of Raglan Shire to enjoy and make use of. It is subsidized by the kind people who rent land, cottages, apartment pods, and vendor spaces. Raglan Shire is NOT run to make profit and the Shire is NOT A MALL. Any money after tier is paid for is used to purchase fun things for the sims, pay for winnings on events and community games (such as Trivia or Primtionary), cover the cost of the music stream for the Community Musicians, DJ’s and special guests, provide for the enormous amounts of public land and locales for visitors to explore and enjoy, and provide for any other needs that the Shire as a whole might have. The Community is here to have fun and to encourage its residents and friends to participate in and organize creative activities and events for all to enjoy. The goal of the Raglan Shire sims is to be a welcoming place for everyone.

The Waiting List

There’s a chance you’re after a type of rental that is not immediately available,  and we will put you on the waiting list. Remember it’s important to specify what you’d like, so we can accomodate your needs, if possible! Also remember that some rentals, like the Raglan Shire ground shops, are very popular, and it’s not uncommon to be on the waiting list for one of those for months.

If you’re first on the waiting list for a shop, cottage or parcel that matches the specifications you provided, we’ll contact you. You then have 24 hours to respond, and it’s OK to decline and stay on the list if it’s not exactly what you are after. However it’s not possible to push a friend forward to rent it in your place, because it wouldn’t be fair towards the other people on the waiting list. If a friend tells you they’re looking for something, it’s better to have them contact Catten or Bo, so they can sort out if anything is available or put them on the waiting list!

If we don’t hear from you within those 24 hours, we’ll move to the next person and you’ll be removed from the waiting list. You can ask to be put back on the list at any time of course!

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