The Ride of Horrors™ & The New Roller-Coaster of Doom™!

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The Ride Of Horrors, Rollercoasters, Spooky Fairgrounds Oh My!

Shocktober 2017 continues as we unveil this year’s Dark Carnival Grounds™ featuring:
The All-New Raglan Shire Ride of Horrors™

PLUS…. a brand new addition to the Dark Carnival…

The Death-Defying RollerCoaster of Doom™!!

The Coaster surrounds the Ride of Horrors & features twists & turns & stomach-churning drops that only a classic wooden coaster can bring!

In addition, you’ll find other attractions & rides plus a new play park and SO MUCH MORE! This year’s Dark Carnival opens TODAY. Look for the official notice inworld!