Artisan Merchants are go for Shoppage!

Raglan 2015 Shady Fox

The Raglan Shire Sim redesign is now ready to begin letting our merchants onto the sim to begin setting your shop spaces up!

LM’s are available in world and in the Artisan Notices we sent out earlier.

You should at this point know where your space is. If not, we’re here to help!

Rent boxes are now located at our Centrally located Rental Office and not at the actual shops.  Again LMs available in world.

You will need to locate your rental box (and again we can help). Rent boxes are arranged by platform around the Rental Office and when you mouse over each box you will see the box name (EX: Clock house 01), you will also see any current reservations hovering above the boxes.

Once you have located your box and Store, you CAN feel free to begin to decorate your shop before paying the box.

After you do pay the box for the initial 2 week period of tenancy (thats a cool word.. Tenancy… 8) ), I will come by and add ONE months additional rent to your box.

When paying your rental boxes you will also receive an info card. Please read this as it has some helpful STUFF. 🙂

Again we are here to help with the shop migrations and thank you all for your patience and patronage AND…


Zayn & Co.