APRIL 2nd! The Raglan Shire Redesign Begins!


This is a message for all shop folken who have shops on the Raglan Shire sim as well as useful info for everyone in general.

As everyone is aware, Raglan Shire is about to be Redesigned which will include an all new Tree city where all shops, community events, the welcome center, the Sillicube and other public areas of interest will now reside.

**There will be nothing other than beautiful forest, creeks and paths on the sim grounds.

April 2nd is now the start date for the Raglan Shire Sim redesign and as such we are asking that all shop owners begin preparations to remove their vendors and in some cases their stores from the sim as we begin the redesign process by this date.

April 2nd, 2016! Mark this date! Everything must be picked up by April 2nd! 🙂

We intend to close Raglan Shire for a couple of days while we clean and freshen the sim. This will get rid of all the ghosts, phantoms, lost prims as well as loose scripted items.

Our Build crew, Nil & The Cats™ feel that it could take as little as a few days before the actual city portion is ready to start repopulating the new shops with shop folken. I however am planning for a 2 few week transition from start to finish with another period of time for the grounds to be redone afterwards as the grounds will not impact any shop usage or the city proper.

If you have not already had a chance to visit the new Tree City Build please feel free  to explore the current new city Build at the build site before it is moved and assembled on Raglan Shire. If you do not already have a landmark, one will be sent in a notice today as well as past notices to the Artisans group that should have it as well.

Info for For Shop Owners:

All shops on the new build come in various sizes and each shop is will have an interior sign/identifier that will give you information on pricing, prim allotment and interior shop space. Pricing will remain the same as it always has.

You WILL be able to decorate the interiors as you see fit as well as the exterior with signage etc.

In regards to the priority of current Shop Folken™ and getting everyone into the shop of their choosing on the New Build:

1. Priority will be given first to the Shop Owners who have ground Shops.

2. Next priority will be given to the folks who rent Shops in the “Raglan Corners” grounds area. (The 5 shops across from the current Tiny Inc Barn)

3, Platform Shop folks will then be given priority.

After all current shop folken have been given the chance to choose and procure a shop, we will than open it up to the general public with priority given to Other Shire Sim folks who may have shops on the wharf, people who are currently on other Shire sims who may wish to have a shop on Raglan Shire. Afterwards we will extend invites to kind-hearted content creators from all over the grid.

There are a lot of different shops of varying size and prim allotment.
Even the smallest shops are spacious.
For folks looking to move up to a larger shop, there may very well be available larger shops (with more prim allocation) to choose from.

NOTE: Anyone one who currently has a shop on Raglan Shire will absolutely be able to procure a shop. You will not be left out.


We ask that folks who are looking for a shop to claim, make a list of their top 4 choices and send them to both Caleb and myself as a Notecard.

After the city is placed and ready we will than go over everything and communicate with you to try and make the transition as quick as possible as well as help you obtain the shop you would like.

I will be giving everyone on Raglan Shire ONE FREE MONTHS RENT once your shop is chosen to help you in this transition.
I will also be refunding all money already paid into your rent box as well on April 2nd as we will be switching to a new rental system.

Once your shop is chosen you will be required to make an initial rental payment to your new rent box after which I will add a free months worth of rent. We ask this so that YOUR name appears on the Box properties.

You can also see more via video’s and photos taken by Raglan folks on this page (see previous posts) and the web.

Caleb’s Flickr Album for New Raglan Shire
I urge you to visit the build site and wander around to get a feel for the new City, take in the sights, see the various shops and layouts as well as the theaters, amphitheaters, platform parks etc. and generally begin to understand the fantastical magical nature of the new sim and its overall aesthetic.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask and we will try to the best of our ability to answer.
***As a side note, Since everything will be cleared on April 2nd We are also Planning a celebration as we celebrate our 9th Birthday (April 4) with the Birthday month theme being New Beginnings as we enter YEAR 10! eeek!

Thanks to everyone for making this community what is has been and especially our merchant folks for supporting the community and making all the nice things that we all wear, use and appreciate. As always we look to make every opportunity to help you do that voodoo that you do 🙂

Thank you and hope to see you there!

Zayn & Co.

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  1. Look for a notice to the Artisan group today with the same info and we will be also individually sending notecards with the info as well to each Raglan Shire Sim Merchant. We hope you all join us on this new journey as it will be ossm.. & crunchy! 8)

  2. Woot! Do you need someone to put these dates in the Raglan Events Calendar? We got a few events scheduled that will need to be modified 🙂

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