Talent Show 2013

Saturday, November 30 1pm SLT – Showvember closes with a BAM! at the spectacular Raglan Talent Show!  Join us at the Tardis stage to watch tinies from all over the Shires share their fabulous talents with us.  There will be music, dancing, feats of daring do… and much much more!

If you’re going to see one talent show in Raglan this month, make it this one!

Showvember Talent2013

One thought on “Talent Show 2013”

  1. I am a biggie in SL, but sometimes i go as a tiny Mommy Bunny. I LOVE all tinys, they are just so cute. Whenever I need to smile or laugh, or have fun, or enjoy myself, when i am sad or depressed….I go to a tiny town like Raglan Shire and everyone makes me smile so big. I just can’t help it, smiling around all such sweet little ones ;-))

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