Raglan Shire ArtWallk 2013 May 5 – 26


The Raglan Shire ArtWalk 2013 opens Sunday May 5th, displaying the works of over 130 artists over four sims in an outdoor setting.  The show runs from May 5th through May 26th. Artists gridwide converge to exhibit their RL photography and art and SL photography and sculpture in this annual arts festival, hosted by the tiny community of the Raglan Shire sim cluster.

“When I first opened these sims for tinies, I started ArtWalk in 2007, inspired by the ArtWalk of Seattle, Washington,” said Zayn Till, Magistrate of Raglan Shire. “We want to give artists a fabulous opportunity to exhibit both RL and SL art. Over the years it has grown into one of the biggest art festivals in SL.”

2D art of many kinds are exhibited along the hedgerows in the central area of Raglan Shire sim. SL sculptural works are exhibited among the trees and along the shores of the western half of Heron Forest in Heron Shire, in the park on Morning Shire and around the Athen Shire village.  TP kiosks to the display locations are throughout the grounds of the festival.

“We are once again so excited to see such a wonderful collection of excellent works exhibited by the artists of Second Life,” said Teal Freenote, ArtWalk Director, herself one of the exhibiting artists. “Fabulous artists, both tiny and big, make this a visual feast.  What better way to enjoy May than wandering the lush grounds of the Shires reveling in wonderful art!”

Avatars of all shapes and sizes are welcome to visit the show during May and enjoy wandering these enchanting sims dedicated to tiny avatars.

For more information, contact Teal Freenote, Liandras Jameson or Karmagirl Avro.

3 thoughts on “Raglan Shire ArtWallk 2013 May 5 – 26”

  1. By the time the latecomers arrive we’ll have over 160 artists. It is AMAZING to see all this fantabulous art shared by so many talented and kind individuals. ART! ON A HEDGE!

  2. Thank you Teal Freenote, Liandras Jameson, Karmagirl Avro, Xavain Starsider, and all the fantastic artists!!!! Biggest and bestest ArtWalk ever!!!! Woot! Hedge! Hedge-a-pillar!

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