Artisan Merchants, Please Read & Listen :)

artisans of RS

In an effort to always let the Artisan merchants of The Raglan Shire Community know we’re always thinking of YOU and ways to further our support for what you do, I had an idea that I’d like to run by you and perhaps encourage discussion.

Please click the link below and listen to the audio. It’s 5 minutes of your time and something that you might find helpful.

Idea for Artisan Merchants

Please Comment below with thoughts 🙂

20 thoughts on “Artisan Merchants, Please Read & Listen :)”

  1. I think it’s a great idea, and when combined with the host of other advertising opportunities already available an effective marketing tool.

  2. I think this is an awesome Idea, will we be able to post pictures. Say like of a new item. Either way I am in.

  3. I agree with Awenbunny, a link would help tinies find us, but yes great idea for extra exposure and could help make it easier for tinies to see what we have available as well as we can put special offers and such in there? great idea Zayn.

  4. Quick recap. If enough Artisan folks would like to make use of this, I can go ahead and create the Merchants section on the forums and forum users who happen to be Artisans can create a topic which would be their Store Name and within that main topic they could then create more postings with any info about their shop which could include links, pics and the like. This would enable people to browse the Merchant section of the forums and quickly see how many shops are advertising/posting info. Linking the Merchant section to the front page here is doable. The key now is to see how many Artisan Merchants would be interested to use this and participate. Will give it a week to gauge interest before this goes into effect or not.

  5. I heard you say “monthly themes” for merchants. I think monthly themes are very important, however I can’t find where they are posted for Jan/Feb/Mar/April of 2013.

    Where is the list for 2013, please?

  6. I’d certainly be happy to participate. It would make a great resource. Sometimes it’s really hard to remember who makes that superb doohickey wotsit that you’ve been saving for – now you can work through the list if you can’t remember. Count me in.

  7. Sometimes not every month has a theme per se. November is Showvember but its really a combo of three events that each last for a weekend. Yet stuff can be created for all three and usually announced in world via notices, on the Blog here and on the calendar. The Calendar which is linked on the right sidebar of the front page here is always a good place to look.
    January was end of Winterfest. February had some smaller activities, March mostly just prepping for April. Aprils SciFi SuperHero / Villain Birthday Month, May is Artwalk every year. June starts the Summer of Woot,Pirate Month yada yada.
    Calendar and Inworld Notices is usually how things are announced which also includes the @RaglanShire twitter feed, the Raglan Facebook group etc. And as always if nothings going on, People are always encouraged to organize their own ideas for fun activities. 🙂

  8. We do not have monthly themes every month. Theme for January was still Winterfest. February and March included Mardi Gras and Valentines. April is Raglan Shire’s SUPER 6th Birthday month. May will be Raglan Shire’s ArtWalk and then we start the Summer of Woot! Which if we have people to put it on then, will include Wootstock! and the OOL. We set aside space at the “themed” events and do not charge rent for vendors of Artisans. Other advertising methods include; Tiny Swagtastic Weekends, store groups, subscribomatics, the Tiny Shoppers group and flickr page, SmallTalk group, etc.

  9. Well, it’s a good add-on. I do thinks that Raglan offers lot of resources for their Merchants already. I don’t like personaly to create based on a Raglan Monthly Theme unless is one that i really enjoy, but it is a great motivation and incentive for any tiny no doubt.

  10. yus, good add on, good idea,
    only thing is that I am in several forums for that… and I think I went only once in each forum, I dun haz time and I dun really like “working” on furums :3

    I like more building or doing silly tiny things than spending time on forums, so I use market place, Small Talk group notices, and sometimes the Swag list

    It’s a good idea anyways for tinies who haz time, for who haz same things to show in several 3D worlds.

    I iz not sure all merchants will make a topic, but I’m sure almost all tinies will take a look at this to buy new and funny stuffs.

    I ok to help to build anything I can in SL, cuz i like buildin :3
    but I dun think I’ll make a topic for my stuffs now, and if I do it will end to only a few stuffs.
    But for sure i’ll take a look at other’s funny stuffs

  11. I think it’s a brilliant idea, and yes, I would use it simply because in the months that I have been at raglan shire, I *still* do not know what the tiny builders are capable of doing. I know the basics and bigs (like Toady and Dru etc) but there are so many other merchants that are struggling to get the word out on what they have avalible, and even with TSW, it’s not always enough.

  12. I think this is a good idea, might make a good replacement for the Raglan Classifieds. Plus it can be a way to post things related to the products, like how to make adjustments if things don’t fit right, or for makers to help share resources in case someone gets stuck on a build.

  13. I thinks iz good idear. I thinks Classifieds iz good, too, but I dint keep up with it. Sad part for me iz I dun do much SL stuff on de web ‘cept Flickr and a biggie shop blog. I only remember *dis* site on account of I got it on RSS, so I get a notice when sumthin’s posted. *shrug*
    I’d say go fur it. Iffn it dun get used, nuthin’s lost. Iffn it do get used, sumthin’s gained. 🙂

  14. The Artisan Merchants of Raglan Shire forum is now live. You can find it via the regular forums or use the direct link on the Sidebar to the right under “Raglan Links” on the Front of the page. Direct URL is also,89.0.html

    Check out the Read me Post as well as the Shop Example topic I’ve posted on how easy this is to use and maintain. Hope you all use this and that it proves helpful 🙂

    Make sure Your registered to use the forums too! If you’re not, It’s easy! 🙂


  15. I like this idea very much. Any exposure for artisans is a good thing. I sometimes just wander around the sims to poke into various shops as some merchants don’t swag much or ever. It’s good to build! Glad you did this Zayn 🙂

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