Choose A Side…


April 2013 marks Raglan Shire’s SIXTH birthday and this year’s event may TEAR IT ALL APART!

Hopefully not – we have Artwalk in May! But it’ll be all good fun in the meantime! All you have to do is decide which side you’ll align yourself with: the LOD or the LTV? More details coming soon! Mwuahahaha!


10 thoughts on “Choose A Side…”

  1. Waffle Girl always fought on the side of good, but I could possibly turn to the dark side, I hear they have cookies! 😉

  2. Oh, how mean! It haves been revealed: LOD is “League of Defenders”. LTV is “The Leftovers”. LOD is in the shiny shiny building, LTV is in the old slum only an Alley Cat could luv. Poor LTVs.

  3. Will, of course, be on the side of LOD. Will my hero be Petite or Tiny, Tiny or Petite or maybe shape changing? As a builder I must be on the side of LOD, wouldn’t want all my sculpties to misform! ;P

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