ICY ART! The 6th Annual Ice Sculpture Exhibition on Raglan Shire!

Its Art! It’s Winter!! Its ART MADE OUT OF ICE!!! Or as Etheria says best… ICE IS NICE!!!

Every Winterfest it is a Raglan Shire Wootmas tradition to have the Ice Sculpture Garden & Exhibition for all to enjoy. Originally created by Etheria Parrott to give folks a way to express themselves regardless of ability and to learn new skills ( such as learning how to use sculpts or this year, Mesh) and to give them a lovely place prominently displayed on Ice Bases at The Ice Sculpture Garden  for everyone to visit and admire. This years Sculpture Garden is once again in the Heron Shire Forest amongst the trees, decorations and snow.

You are invited to create an Icy work of art with 5 prims… you can make a sculpted object , a mesh object or even prim icy ossmness. Again this is a tradition and it’s always been quite magical to walk about the garden and see the various Ice works as created by friends and neighbors of the Tiny Community of Raglan Shire. It’s Winter.. Its Creativity & self Expression, It’s ART with no judgement!

It’s everything that Raglan Shire stands for best..

….and YOU are invited to participate and be a part of this wonderful tradition!!  

Contact Etheria Parrott in Second Life to get details or look for the Info kiosk signs that are placed out all over the Sims at key locations!

Get involved & Create a work of Icy Art Today! 🙂