The 6th Annual Raglan Shire Winterfest!


A frenzy of Winter weather & activity took The Raglan Shire Cluster by STORM as snow fell, Mount Waffle rose, The Ski runs, lifts, chalets, decorations, and wootmas village appeared and all things WOOTMAS came to the fore front as happy tinies raced to and fro to grab proper winter attire and items of mirth.  Frolicking is now in season!

Its The Raglan Shire Winterfest! The Most wonderful time of the Year!  Get ready for Shire Tiny Caroling and Skiing! The Ice rink is out for skating! There will be live entertainment coming your way, Ornaments to decorate the community tree, Ice sculptures to create and view in the Heron Shire forest, The Sekret Santa, The 12 days of Wootmas, WinterFest Tiny Racing as well! Raglan U will be presenting Winter themed classes plus lots of gatherings of tinies by the fire at the wootmas village… so much winter STUFF!   And its just starting! Look for info on everything coming your way 🙂