The 2012 4th Annual Raglan Shire Fashion Show!


Tinies know Fashion!

It’s back! Fabulous Fashion for Tinies by Fabulous Tiny Designers as modeled by Fabulous Tiny Super Models on the Fabulous Catwalk!


This years Garden Fall Festival of Fashion theme promises to be yet another Posh & sophisticated affair and you’re all invited to attend!  You’ll get a chance to get an eyeful of the next wave of designs from some of the most talented tiny designers around. Scheduled so far are:

  Chaffro Schoonmaker, Aime Takaaki, Etheria Parrott, Chow Wise, Martini Discovolante, Maymay Matova, Isaura Simons, Lita Bloom, lizbethbloodthorn, Clover Dezno, Uriana Zeta, Alexis Radikal, Yaya Bingyi & many more!

After the Show, stick around for the Fall Festival of Fashion AFTER PARTY! DJ Koala will be spinning tunes as Tiny Designers, Tiny Super Models and everyone who’s into tiny fashion (thats YOU!) takes to the dance floor!

ShowVember Continues!