Big props to EVERYONE who helped to make Shocktober so much OSSM.  

The Haunted, House, the Ride of Horrors, the Tiny Apawcolypse, the parties and gatherings and trick or treating…ALL OF IT… THANK YOOOOOOO ALL!


But now its SHOWVEMBER!!

So much to do this month! If you didn’t already know, this months brings the Annual Raglan Shire Tiny Fashion Show! Its Tiny Fashion of EPIC proportions! The runway, the lights, the tiny models!

 Info in world and you can contact Karmagirl Avro and others to Participate. Artisan Clothiers! Let the Tiny World know your Fashions are Fashiontastic!

Also this month, its The 6th Annual Raglan Shire Talent Show!  YOU can be a STAR!  This years theme is FLEA CLUB (think Glee Club but done tiny)!  The Talent Show is always an amazingly entertaining production and again, YOU can be a star!  Check the info on the  post below and contact Jillan McMillan and Rowena Paine for info!

Also look out for the return of the Most exclusive Tiny Disco in the known world! So exclusive its only open for ONE day a year! STUDIO BAM returns with bombastic pomp and circumstance… get ready to get your boogie on! TINY STYLE!

Also info to come about the upcoming Winterfest Shire Cookbook! If you have reciepes to share, contact Rowena Paine and look for info Cook Book Kiosks soon about the Shire!

And last but not least.. There is a brand new TINIES ON TAPE podcast available for your delicious listening! Once again Tipsy & St. Bishop along with Tiny announcer and Little announcer bring you all thats happening in the Shire in a fun and entertaining podcast! Oh.. and Mr. C. Cow is with em too 🙂

Take a listen at

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  1. the Fashion Show is Sunday Nov 18th at Noon slt. sign up poster is in silly cube on the back wall. please put notecard there as my IM’s get capped. ty 😉

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