Tinies on Tape – The Raglan Shire Podcast!

It’s Raglan Shire Podcast Insanity!

Tipsy” Cerulean Capalini & “St.” Bishop Emmons have put together a 5 minute Podcast this week which will begin the first of a series of Bi-Weekly Podcasts which will delve into the age old question: “What’s Happening at The Shire?”

This weeks episode features, Info, Tiny Beat Boxing,  Shocktober , a contest (for L$!) to find Mr C. Cow and info on how you can get your shout-outs and other personal questions and stuff onto the Podcast for Tipsy & St. Bishop to let the tiny world hear 🙂

for all the info, pictures and to hear the Podcast itself, go to


also you can participate in the new “Tinies on Tape” forum on the Community forums on our own site here! (link to the right –>)

And now some other Shire News!!


The Shire Times – the previously published Raglan Shire -centric News Magazine is being relaunched with a fiesty new team of folks who have taken it upon themselves to Relaunch the Times so that tinies from all over the community can get their news when they need it… NEWS ON A STICK!!!

The Shire Times will have articles and editorials, news and info on the community, events, interviews with tinies and much much more. Its coming and coming soon!  Right now they are asking for Writers for the Times… If you would like to write articles or stories or the like, contact ROWENA PAINE or head over to our Raglanshire.com community forums and dive into The SHIRE TIMES NEEDS YOU! section and join the discussion and let em know your interested!

In the meantime.. SHOCKTOBER continues!!

This week The all new TINY APAWCOLYPSE debuted and you should totally go check it out… this is crazy scary fun as you try to survive the hordes of undead , clowns, zombies, rats and bats that try and nom on you. Its a Shooter and it also involves some quests as you try and stay alive, plus you can get free OSSM prizes as made by our always amazing Shire Artisan Merchants.  This is like TIny Left4Dead. You can find Teleport Kiosks to take you to The Tiny Apawcolypse area all over the other areas like the Spooky Swamp, The Haunted House ( make sure you take the time to explore house! its Haunted!) as well as the….

HAUNTED CARNIVAL! .. The Haunted Carnival also opened this week and offers a ghastly array of spooky rides, scary games of chance and loads of tasty horrific food to nom on… ON STICKS… like Snot Dogs & Caught-On Candy 🙂  Teleport Kiosks located all over as well to get you up there 🙂

This weekend brings us the unveiling of the all new… all spooky.. all tiny…

2012 RAGLAN SHIRE TINY RIDE OF HORRORS… it’s going to be amazing!

Check the calender for the other events coming …  Parties, Prim Charades, Raglan U scary classes, Spooky Movies, Live musical performances!

Stay Spooky!

3 thoughts on “Tinies on Tape – The Raglan Shire Podcast!”

  1. ooh cool! and they got form to put shout outs like rez days (hmm mine is comin up Oct 26th hint, hint).

    funny opening! love it! two paws up, waaaay up!

    oh the tiny apawcolypse is awesome! gotta get some more caught-in candy too!

  2. It was so much fun to make! Hope to get a lot of shout outs! Then we’ll make tons more.

    I wanted to say that the Tiny Apawcolypse is AWESOME! So much fun!

    Will def. let them know I’ll write if needed. 🙂

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