2012 Raglan Shire Tiny Ride of Horrors is OPEN!


The 2012 Raglan Shire Tiny Ride of Horror’s is Now Open!!

This years Ride of Horrors promises to be the biggest, best and most Frightening ride ever!  over 20 members of the Raglan community have come together on the all new, all terrifying Tiny Ride of Horror’s to offer up thrills and chills of epic tiny Shocktober proportions!

With tonights unveiling of the 2012 Tiny Ride of Horror’s, ALL Shocktober Event areas are now open and available for folks to enjoy, explore, play in and even potentially run screaming for their tiny lives!

Teleport Kiosks for all attractions can be found at each area and all over!

The Raglan Shire Haunted Mansion

The Tiny Apawcolypse 

The Haunted Carnival

The Spooky Swamp

and now, The 2012 Tiny Ride of Horror’s!

Make sure you check them all out!

Tons of Stuff happening this weekend… take a peek at the calendar!

Shocktober is full throttle from here on out!

Stay Spooky 🙂