The 6th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival 2012!



It’s the 6th annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival and Tinies are getting their Middle ages on!

The Medieval Square and Castle are out with all they entail (IE: LOTS TO SEE!) along with the jousting pitch and archery area. Plus all sorts of other stuff like Castle wars, Mazes, The Dragon Maze, Fortune telling, Paw reading, Medieval Story telling plus Live Musical performances!

We’ll be raising money for our Giraffe and Tapir at the ZSL and Sedgewick Zoos in the UK and America and food on a stick washed down with wootberry wine and ale will be the order of the day!

Check the Events calendar out for times and dates. Look for further info to come as well!

Come get your Medieval on this month and have some fun! TINY STYLE!