Raglan Shire InWorldz Residents INFORMATION

Update for everyone who has a Home or Shop on INWORLDZ RAGLAN SHIRE

For over 2 years the shops and homes on the Great Tree on Raglan Shire Inworldz have been free. Each dwelling be it shop or home was made available along with 100 prims free of charge to members of the community or friends who wished to have a space to call home or do business from. It was my way of saying thank you to everyone who’s made the Raglan Shire Community a fun place.

The Raglan Shire Sim in the InWorldz grid is a Giant Empire State Building sized tree… it is in fact the Greatest Tree of all. There is much to explore, interact and discover with secrets at every turn be it ground, the sky or under the sea  ( as well as within the tree itself!). It is a most magical of places and those who have visited understand and know why it is a destination to be treasured.

Over time however, participation has dropped off and less and less people have logged on. It is a shame because the grid runs like a charm at this point. No more lag, no more hiccups and soon even better performance and tweakage with what is coming soon.

Still active growth on the Great tree is in part my fault for having real life projects pop up and occupy the majority of my time. I could not be on to organize like I had hoped and others that have also always played a large part in organzing community events, went their own ways with virtual or real life activities of their own. I Thank the Wootberry god to the few people who have continued to help with affairs on the Great Tree while I’ve been away working in real life.
( see http://www.jazzpaws.com)

In addition we nearly lost the Great Tree as well due to finances but thanks to several kind folks, the tree remains and stands as a place for folken to explore, have adventures and as always make a home or business on.

The difference now is that at this particular point in time, we need to know exactly who is active in InWorldz Raglan Shire. We ned to know who has a home or a shop on the great tree that is maintaining their presence, we need to know who is still visiting and logging on, who is still decorating their dwellings, who is still creating wares and who is still using this wonderful grid and making good use of the Great Tree.

There have been many new inhabitants to the Great Tree on Raglan Shire InWorldz as well as many new requests regarding available spaces.

There are many spaces that have been occupied by folks who simply have not logged on in ages. Due to requests and interest from new people, I no longer feel it is fair to allow people who are never on to keep their dwellings when there are potential newer folks interested who indeed want to be active.

So I have put down rent boxes at each dwelling & shop. These are not the slap boxes i had hoped to place down, but I could not wait any longer. I found basic rent boxes and while limited in their functions, they offer enough functionality to do what needs to be done.

***These boxes will be replaced by newer more functional boxes in the next week***


I am changing the freemium model on the Great Tree.
Instead of free, each dwelling will cost $30 I’z every 2 weeks or $60 I’z monthly.
It’s not so much because we want to charge rent because honestly I never have. But this small charge in addition to a 2 week rental period will help us immensely in maintaining an active user base.

$30 I’z is what… 10 cents US? So it shouldn’t be any real issue for folks.

Also for residents as well as visitors, you will now find networked Donation Thermometers about the Tree should you feel like donating a ducket or two to help offset Sim tier.

****** THE DEAL ******

Now that everyone knows that they have rent boxes at their dwellings, you have FOUR WEEKS to log in and use your rent box and then to maintain your space, continue to log on every few weeks.

If after a month there are still shops & homes that are currently occupied which have not paid their rentbox, we will return said dwellings items back to the owner, remove them from the Inworldz Artisan Group and make that dwelling available to newcomers.

New folks looking for a space, please inquire by messaging Liandras Jameson who has been helping folks with spaces these last few years and is a wonderful generous orange kitty 🙂

**** (IMPORTANT)***  Please do not pick a seemingly available home or shop and pay the rent box before speaking with Liandras.

**** COMMUNITY****

Another aspect of what makes Raglan Shire Special is our community which for the most part thrives in Second Life. I had always hoped to bring that aspect to Inworldz as well but again, real life projects has cut back on any available time for virtual worlds in all respects.

In Second Life we have a lot of people who help with activities and events and the like. The same can happen in Inworldz as well.

If you would like to help organize activities and assume a leadership role for Inworldz Raglan Shire you most certainly can. Our community is for the community by the community. I always tell people in Second life the same thing I will tell you. If you can imagine it, and your willing to put in some energy to make it happen, we will make any tools, prims, resources, finances available to you to bring your ideas for community fun to life.

My new Slogan this past week is:


Good slogan ya? 🙂  Oh it’s real life copywritten  by the way,  THATS HOW OSSM IT IS lol 🙂

If you have any questions about InWorldz Raglan Shire & The Great tree, be they about homes, shops, activities, ideas etc, please send to Liandras Jameson, Caleb Kit or myself.


Look for Info and updates as well as News about our Next Town Hall Meeting coming soon!!

Have a great day 🙂

Zayn Till