A Tiny Soul passes on – Farewell Nin

In Remembrance of a friendly soul.

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing on of our dear friend Nin Maximus. She lost her battle with cancer a few days ago.

Nin has been a member of our tiny Shire community for many years and her and her real life partner Korben Roffo have been mainstays as residents and friends of the Shire, maintaining a home on Athen Shire and frequenting all the different activities our tiny community has hosted.

Nin was a very sweet and caring individual. She loved being tiny and she loved to laugh and share the silliness with everyone. She also of course loved her wolf Korben.

Our hearts go out to Korben and family and friends of Nin.

Words can not adequately describe our loss.

We’ll be having a short memorial service on Athen Shire this Sunday at 9 am SLT 

Details to follow in the next day or so.

Please leave your thoughts and feelings about NIN in the comments below.

Farewell Nin, You will be missed.

44 thoughts on “A Tiny Soul passes on – Farewell Nin”

  1. *sigh* It is sad to see another loss to the community. she was always so sweet and soo stylish! from her little nose ring to her big eye lashes, she was my style guru!

    my fondest memory of Nin was when I convinced her to dress up as a vampire during Shocktober. (I think in 2008) I then yelled in chat there was a vampire loose in the shire biting everyone and I needed help. a dozen plus tinies showed up to help fight the vampire and we ran around the shire just had such fun laughing and giggling.

    I shall miss seeing all the creative, fun, stylish little outfits she wore and her sweet, fun, graceful, playful spirit. *nose beeps her big black nose right next to her nose ring one last time* ;(

  2. Goodbye dear friend. You’ll be sadly missed by a lot of people, but we know you are in a much better place and free of your suffering. Hope to see you again sometime. x

  3. I am very sad to hear about the passing of Nin. She was very sweet, kind, and very much a ((Hippo)) at heart. Nin will be missed and as I looked at my friends list and saw that “offline” notice I am filled with a very deep sense of sadness for all Tinies, family, and friends of the wonderful Nin who welcomed me into the Tiny world and always had something nice, sweet, and funny to say.

  4. I think I only had the pleasure of meeting Nin Once. And she was such a Sweet Soul. I swear I think her mouse was stuck on the laugh button on her TinyMatic for she was always laughing.

    Goodbye Sweet Nin…May you forever be Tiny and Lauging in Heaven and watching over us in the the shire.
    Bree Himmel

  5. My heart bleeds whenever I hear of a loss in our community 🙁

    May angels fold their wings around her and comfort her for eternity.

  6. Sadness…
    I’ve never had much personal contact with Nin, but I know she was a loved member of our Tiny community.

    My deepest condolences to all who knew and loved her.

  7. So sad to lose another loved Tiny 🙁 I remember her fondly and often saw her around the Shire and participating in a lot of the events. Love and many many cuddles to Korben and their families.

  8. I am so very sad to hear of Nin’s passing. She was my neighbor in Athen Shire for a long time. She was delightful, funny, fun loving and made such a lovely home always. My heart goes out to Korben and to her family. I hope she gets to be tiny in heaven whenever she wants 🙂 Bye bye sweet soul.
    Nin at Studio Bam! http://www.flickr.com/photos/tealfreenote/4091278198/
    Nin in Raglan Talent Show http://www.flickr.com/photos/tealfreenote/3055717690/in/photostream/

  9. I wrote a poem sometime ago about passing in life here in SL I wish to share this here with you all. I did meet up with Nin and Korben many of times in my travels thru Raglan. A very sweet couple.

    Peachy Sassoon ©Copy right

    I sit here watching as
    friends and family pour in
    I look into those deep
    beautiful eyes of yours
    and start to ask why oh why
    Wiping my tears I listen
    to my heart and hear
    silent words spoken here
    I come here not to mourn your
    death but to celebrate your
    You take with you on your
    journey a part of each
    and everyone of us
    In return we keep a
    part of you within our

  10. Nin i will miss you alot ……….criesssssss
    Hope you enjoy now you Tiny Life in heaven……….sighs and criesssssss

  11. Goodbye, Nin, we will miss you. 🙁
    I hope you are laughing with tiny angels now!
    Hugs to Korben and all her friends.

  12. Nin, just like many others here…I will miss your laugh. The last time I saw you was very brief but I regret that now. My heart aches and wishes I could have seen you one last time. I miss the days of seeing you during my T.A.D sessions and rocking out with me. We’ll miss you Nin, make sure to save some space of us in that big waffle in the sky.

    *tight hippo hugs*

  13. so sad to lose a special tiny, or any tiny — just makes the world a little less waffley. hugs Korben and all who knew her well.

  14. I’m so sorry to hear about Nin. I met her back in ’07, when she was shopping near my house in Dammastock. We were in regular contact for a while and then, as happens so often in SL, fell out of touch. (I think the time difference had something to do with it.) Either way, I have always counted her as a friend, and I will miss her.

  15. Rest well Nin, yew will be missed by so many for yew have touched so many. I wish I had got to know you better. My condolences to Korben at this time.

  16. I so sowwy to hear of dis tragic loss. I dun knows her well, but had seed her around. My condolence to all her close friends and her partner. The world is a smaller place at de loss of any tiny smile in it.

  17. Very, very sorry to hear of Nins’ crossing over, may her journeys on the other side be wonderful and many and may she warm the souls of those who meet her there as much as she has those who knew her here…strength and blessings to all the family and the Tiny community..love, Yariss

  18. Nin, I didn’t know you, but reading these comments and Wielo’s eulogy makes me wish I had. I am glad your suffering is at an end. My heart goes out to Korben, and all of you who are mourning the loss of your friend.


  19. Tiny Possum Hugs to Korben and family for your sad loss. We will miss Nin so much in the Shire. Hopefully we can remind you of your times with her laughing and giggling with tiny friends. She was a sunny spot in our day.

  20. I know Nin really loved being part of tinydom. She always made a point of saying hello. My love goes out to Korben, Nin’s friends and family and to all my tiny friends – you all mean so much to me.

  21. My sincere condolences go to Korben and the family. Nin was such a vibrant, vital, loving, funny person. And what a sweet and perfect pair she & Korben made! I never saw or spoke to one without the other popping up right beside us, and they put I smile on my face every time. Rest in peace, dear Nin, away from all pain and fear; free to climb marshmallow towers, go pie jumping and barrel rolling forever more.

  22. So sad to hear about the loss of another great tiny. Nin was a good silly friend and we had lots of silly fun together. I will miss seeing her on athen shire.

  23. Feels the poking from an forever offline Nin, saying: Yes, it might hurt for now. But keep up that smile and sillyness what make us tinies..

    Bye Nin.

  24. Farewell Nin ;-((

    I´m sure she pokes now the Tiny Angels in Heaven and dance with them wild and silly :-))

    Big Hugs to Korben and her Family.

  25. I often met up with Nin and Korben and I have known Nin for a few years now. She was amazing and always laughing. I’m sad to hear of another tiny’s loss and I send love and many many hugs to Korben, their friends and their family. Goodbye, Nin, you will be missed so much and will be remember by all.

  26. Very sad news. Nin was my Sekret Santa one year and I got the best gifts from her! She was a lovely tiny who always made everything around her lighter and funnier.

  27. And one day all the shires shall but nought but tiny gravestones. I might be the most curmudgeonly of otters but this sort of news destroys me.

    Nin was fun stuff and we’re less for her loss.

    Please Korben take heart. You are not alone in grief though our’s can never equal your loss.

    Cancer sucks. It never takes horrible people. Just good ones.

  28. I can’t say I knew Nin well, but she was one of those Tinies that was always around; someone I would see here and there, and always a fun person to hang out with when we happened to meet up. She will be missed.

  29. i still cant belive it only few months ago we were skiing and dancing and when we were both up in the eurly hours she always im me and we always talk, im still sad still cry, i miss you nin you always be my friend i will always remeber you and will miss you so much, thank you nin for being my friend and for the fun times and all the chats we had thank you nin, my thoughts are with korben and his and nins family and friends,

  30. Nin, I will miss you and your friendliness so much. I will wear the spacesuit you gave me to your memorial and carry your special christmas football and hope you can look down and see it. Korben, hugs and deep condolences to you and your family and love to you.

  31. Nin, you will be deeply missed. My condolences to Korben and her family and friends.
    See you again in the big waffle in the sky.

  32. Nin,your were a friend to all. So much fun,so much laughter, and so creative. I miss you but hope that we meet again on the other side. Korben you have my thoughts and prayers.

  33. I’ve met Nin as witty and fun-loving tiny, it’s a big loss for her family and our tiny community, they will be missed and I really

  34. Sitting here speechless, i loved her so much. We were very close a long time, not only in second life. I remember our bikini photoshooting and i hope in heaven you will get your catwoman suit, with stitches. You always wanted one.

    Farewell my loved Nin. I will never forget you.

    Korben, i don´t know what to say.

    … it hurts so much.

    In love

  35. Nin….I saw that news and was shocked.

    Not Nin, she was always so good.
    When she saw me online, there was always time for a funny and heartly greeting. She was laughing and smiling every time. Helpful and full with creative ideas. That was Nin for me, a fantastic friend.

    Now she is in the heaven, i can´t believe it.

    Korben, and all the other who miss her, my heart is on your side.

    A sad Nero Masala

  36. Dear All…

    You make water pour into my computer – from my eyes and nose!

    Its so touching reading all your lovely greetings.
    Nin loved you all – and be sure – you made her last years wonderful – and made her want to be here a bit longer – So many thanks for doin that.

    Its good she´s at rest now – but wot the flock am I gonna do without her?!
    It´s gonna take me a while to figure out.

    Thou – she promised me, to wait for me in the Heavenly Shire – and NOT to eat all the waffles.
    And guess wot!? You’re all invited when you get there.

    Of all my heart

  37. Great to hear from you, Korby.

    She gonna need to make a lot of waffles for all of us. heh.

    Hope to see you on SL again, when the time is right for you.

    Take care buddy.

    Sadie and Booteh.

  38. Hello Korben…..

    of course its hard without Nin…..we all miss her alot.

    But in the time we meet lot of her friends at her memorial……..and it was so good to share the memories of Nin with them…….take the time you need..but you know there alot friends in the shire who want you back………..huggies to Korben and Nins family

  39. Hugs Korben!

    I learned the best word EVER from Nin and Korben. A Danish word Hygge! Nini Nin for now. Save me a place in Heavenly Shire, next to the waffles and yum Danish cakes! 🙂 Come and visit your friends often in SL Korben!

    Huggles to Nin and Korben’s Family

  40. Hugggs Korben,
    I wish I could take all your pain away for you. We miss you very much and hope you will come back when you are ready. You are in my thoughts. Be kind to yourself and I hope to see you in the Shire. Hugggggggs. Butter.

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