Get Well DRU & SWEE!

Big wave of Positive thoughts go out to two of our friends who are Hospitalized right now. Details are unimportant but we sincerely hope they are well soon!!


Sign the “Card” by commenting below with your well wishes!


63 thoughts on “Get Well DRU & SWEE!”

  1. As the long suffering biggie of Dru,(I’m sure most of you knee-biters have met me) I can honestly say it’s painfully quiet on SL without the running-withs, the hats and the playing of the “Look what gesture I’ve just got”. I miss her so much and wish her a speedy recovery. To Buttercup; “Dru doesn’t sing hun, I think you’re confusing her with another sometimes ferrety singer called Keeba something?”
    Love to the other sick tinies, Swee and Kayak, too of course but the hardest working ferret in SL has my heart.

  2. Oh noes!
    Hope you all is up on your paws again toot sweet! Mischief and adventure await!

  3. Please gets better soon, my dears .. we misses you and wishes for you to be feeling good again!!

  4. Get well quickly, all three of you. Work hard, Kayak. That’s the quickest way out of rehab. My knees are aching in solidarity with you! Dru, where would I buy all my favorite t-shirts without you?

  5. *Otter-huggles*! I hopes you all get well soon! I am running with an IV for you, Dru! I’m running with an IV!

  6. (”’)O.O,,, Tiny hamster huggles and get well soon!!! KISY KISY from Writer!!! (”’)O.O(”’)

  7. Thinking of you and hoping you’re feeling all better, Dru! We miss you you wonderful ferret. Love always, Ollivandar and Whynot

  8. Get well soon you 2.
    Dru: “I’m running with IV’s, I’m running with IV’s, hehehehe nurses can’t catch me…….. Miss you sis!

  9. Hope you’re all on the mend soon. Sending healing vibes and bouquets of waffles. Hugggss

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