It’s the Summer of Woot!

So hot outside, so much to do in the Shires!  The OOL is open, complete with spa hawt tub, slides, stage, and food court. There is always a party at the ool!  Coming soon – Summer Wootstock and Summer Olympics!

Note:  the ool water scripts work with The Swimmer HUD sold in-world or on SL Marketplace by Siggy Romulus.  Normal watercraft and toys will work in the prim water with or without the HUD.  Check in-world for more details.

Please remember  – be kind to your fellow OOL guests.
1 – Clean up after yourself, don’t leave your toys behind.
2 – No peeing in the ool, or other grossness.  It’s just icky and no one wants to see it.
3 – The ool is laggy enough without excessive particles or gigantic ool toys. Leave them at home.
4 – There is no number 4

What’s going on in the Shires this week?  Here’s the schedule – and there is more to come!

Tuesday, June 5
10:30am – Prim Charades
3:00pm – Raglan U – Tuesdays with Toady

Wednesday, June 6
10:00am – Raglan U. for Euro Tinies with Toady

Thursday, June 7
7:00pm – DJ Shandy at the Paw and Whisker

Friday, June 8
5:00pm – Prim Charades Friday SL

Saturday, June 9
7:00am – Raglan Haiku Speed Build
5:00pm – 80s Night at The Paw and Whisker with DJ Fullauto

Sunday, June 10
8:00am –  Sci-Fi Radio Theatre – Raglan Galaxy

Monday, June 11
6:00pm –  Tiny Poetry Slam – Theme: water and water play-time

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  1. ok I thought that said summer of WOOL! I thought man that is goin to be one long hot summer if I gotta wear wool! 😀

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