HELP A BUNNY BECOME REAL! Jazz Paws Announcement!

Many people might already be aware of Wynx’ and my plans to bring The Tinies of Raglan Shire to the real world as an animation and multi-media project beyond virtual worlds. If this is the first you’re hearing about it, that’s ok!


A little over two years ago Wynx and myself began what would become JAZZ PAWS®, a production company charged with re-imagining what we had created in Second Life & InWorldz to a much broader audience while still maintaining the essence of what the tiny community we had started is all about.

Today we launched Our Kickstarter Campaign to help raise much needed funds to allow us to continue with this project. While you certainly don’t have to contribute and help us monetarily, any help that you can give is greatly appreciated at this point in time.  We have a nice video with the two of us explaining what this project is all about and what we’re trying to do for folks to watch. Its fun and wacky and informative!


There’s also other info to help folks understand what a labor of love this has always been and which is now evolving into IN REALITY! (woot). There’s also SWAG! Lots and lots of cool OSSM Swag!!

Just sayin’ ….

But seriously (no really), We HUMBLY ask that you please take a look yourself, and maybe you can find it in your heart to help us continue what we have been working on so hard for so long on… We honestly wouldn’t ask if we didn’t feel so strongly about this venture. Check it out for yourselves! Our Kickstarter Campaign


With love,
Wynx & Zayn & The Jazz Paws Team

Jazz Paws LLC



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