It’s Otter Day!

Recently, Mutley and her otter friends were chasing butterflies around Raglan Shire (click here to see video of the chaos) and dropped all of her clams, filled with fabulous prizes and shiny things.  A hunt is on to round up all of the clams.  I interviewed the fabulous Miss Latte about Otter Day.

Me: What is Otter day all about, for those that don’t know?
Mutley Latte: Otter day is my Rezzday. I discovered that another Otteri, Bo was rezzed the the day before me, so we made Otter Day. Half on her day and half on mine. Its a way to show our love for our fellow tinies.
Me: Why are otters so fabulous?
Mutley Latte: Because we are otters.
Me: Pirates or ninjas and why?
Mutley Latte: pirates. Jack Sparrow, need i say more?
Me: Anything else you want to add?
Mutley Latte: Play nice.

Thanks to Mutley, Bo, and all of the Artisans who donated shiny things to the clam hunt!

What else is going on in The Shires, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell ya!  Winterfest rolls on until the end of January, when the sun comes out and grass once again grows on Raglan.  Enjoy those snowball fights!

Monday, January 16
6:00pm: Tiny Poetry Slam

Tuesday, January 17
10:30am: Prim Charades
6:00pm: Raglan Haiku Speed Build

Wednesday, January 18
4:00pm: Raglan U – Wednesday with Toady

Thursday, January 19
7:00pm: DJ Shandy

Friday, January 20
5:00pm: Prim Charades

Saturday, January 21
7:00am: Raglan Haiku Speed Build

Sunday, January 22
8:00am: Sci-Fi Radio Theatre – Raglan Galaxy