Oh My.. It’s WOOTMAS!!

It’s been a festive Winterfest so far and today of course is special… because its WOOTMAS.. DUH!!  With all the good will, and falling snow, the playful romps, sleds & skiing down Mount Waffle, The skating, the Parties atop Steve and snowmen protesting of the end being near, Its been just OSSM.
Tinies are built for just about anything fun but I think Wootmas time .. especially Wootmas time seems to kick Tinies into high gear when it comes to spreading good cheer, smiles and a little mayhem as well.
All the Tinies participating in the now traditional Caroling about the grid, a big huge thank you for forwarding tips received while caroling back to the Shire. Caroling was NEVER EVER intended as a way to receive money. It WAS ALWAYS intended as a way to bring folks together and sing for them to help bring the joy of the holidays and the good will of the tiny folken  during the season.  And yet.. People have always sent tips to us when caroling.  We have never asked for the money but have always said if folks would like, they could donate it back to us to help with all the costs that the Shire Sims incur.
Over the last 3 years people have been generous and sent moneys back to us and it was nice. This year however… we haven’t seen anything like this before… Carolers have sent back over $30,000 L  which is just amazing. So to all the Carolers.. a Big Wootmas Thank you!
It really does mean alot 🙂
And of course anyone that’s offering up friendly greetings, or making people laugh, or helping with questions or anything where tiny befriends tiny ( or non tiny lol) is equally as heartwarming and important and meaningful!
I wanted to personally thank everyone for their warm hearts and happy faces this year. It’s been wonderful seeing so many people enjoying each others company while playing about the Shire and beyond.
On Behalf of everyone at Raglan Shire, We wish you a Merry Wootmas!!
Winterfest Continues!  Moar stuff & New Years Eve is next!

One thought on “HAPPY WOOTMAS TO ALL!!”

  1. Another fine and enjoyable Wootmas time has come. Thank you Zayn and the rest of you for all you have done to make this time of year so festive and fun for all of us.Have a very Merry Wootmas.
    Kelli Solo (Nitely)

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