Shocktober rolls on – and a Poetry Slam spotlight

Still so much to do in Raglan in Shocktober!  Tiny Ride of Horror!  Haunted Carnival!  Tiny Apawcolypse!  Haunted Mansion!  Games!  Movies!  Zayn trying to ring a bell!

But first…  a spotlight on the very FABOO weekly event – RAGLAN POETRY SLAM!  The Slam is held every Monday at 6 pm SLT at Stevebucks.  Hosted by the lovely Miss Stereo Macht and the fabulous Mr Copper Mistral, Slam feature tinies reading poems and pawkus (spontaneous silleh haikus), throwing pies, and generally being silly.  We asked the hosts to tell us a little about themselves and Poetry Slam.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
Stereo:  In my biggie form, I am a soldier of Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, brought over to SL as a special communication officer. I found a way to transfer my consciousness into any form properly prepared, allowing me to get a tiny form.
Copper: I’ve been in SL since 2005, and a tiny of Raglan since 2006.  I am a Ferret, bent on world domination. I also own Copper’s Service Station, the coffee shop and play tubes on Raglan Commons.  IRL, I am a youth minister, computer tech, and photographer.

How long have you been doing poetry slam in Raglan and how did you get started?
Stereo: I am a regular contributor of the Slam Poetry at the Hut des Jaegers, under the Wulfenbach patronage. When Mistral Copper decided to have one happen in the Shire, and it became obvious that other staff were too busy, I was asked to fill in. I did it happily, and thus, the first Tiny Slam Poetry I was involved with was held on June 20th, 2011.
Copper:   I revived the Tiny Poetry Slam with help from Zayn and Stereo Nacht a few months ago.  I had heard about a poetry slam in a steampunk sim and began attending, where I met Miss Nacht and many other great folks.  With their encouragement, I worked with Zayn and others to bring the Tiny Poetry Slam back to Raglan.

Why should peeps visit Raglan Poetry Slam?
Stereo:  I think one of the greatest reason part is the pawkus. Poetry in general is awesome, of course, but the pawkus really carry the spirit of tinies in poetic form. You can’t find that in any other slam poetry event. (True, I know of only one other…) And of course, the food-throwing!
Copper:  Besides the insane levels of fun?  It’s a great time to hang out and talk and expand your horizons.  We encourage everyone to write their own works, but also welcome pre-written and adapted poetry, as well as folks who just wish to listen.  It’s a really great time with our friends from across the grid.

What is your favorite part of Raglan Poetry Slam?
Stereo:  Do I have to choose? I like it all, from seing the tinies coming in, gathering the poetry, the reading of amazing poems, the applause… And the finishing mass tiny river-dancing!
Copper:  The silliness of it all.  As a host, getting tinies to follow any kind of order or system is possibly worse than herding cats.  But it’s great fun, and everyone has a good time.

How are tiny poetry slams different from biggie slams?
Stereo:  It’s all in the spirit. It is so bubbling-joyous, disorderly, yet you know the tiny folks respect each others… It’s like being in a cage full of hummingbirds, while biggie slams is full of big animals who have to be careful not to break the house while slamming!
Copper: Poems at the Tiny Poetry Slam tend to be more tiny-centric, or at least tinyfied.  We also use physical applause, which, while not unique to us (Stereo and I brought it over from the Jaegerkin slam), fits in perfectly with the tinytude (tiny attitude) of having fun and being silly.  Even when the rare griefer shows up, we have fun with it.

What is your favorite kind of food to throw?
Stereo:  Hm. Hard to tell, I like to change, adapt to the theme… But I think pies are my favorite. With some luck, I get to lick my fingers!
Copper:  Waffles. With syrup. I haven’t figured out how to get the butter on them yet, but I’m trying.  I also like the smoke bombs, but have to be careful with those.

Ninjas or pirates, and why?
Stereo:  Pirates. They answer when you talk to them. Ninjas tend to stay silent, and that makes the games boring!
Copper:  Pirates.  They have cannons and have pets.  You never see a ninja with a pet or a cannon.

What in the world is going on in the Spooky Shires this week?

Monday, October 17
4:00pm –  Raglan U. Scripting From A to Z with Krull Quar

Tuesday, October 18
10:30am – Prim Charades
6:00pm – Raglan Haiku Speed Build

Wednesday, October 19
2:00pm – Raglan U – Wednesday with Toady

Thursday, October 20
7:00pm –  DJ Shandy

Friday, October 21
5:00pm – Prim Charades Friday SL

Saturday, October 22
7:00am – Raglan Haiku Speed Build

12:00pm – Thriller Dance

Sunday, October 23
8:00am – Sci-Fi Radio Theatre – Raglan Galaxy
12:00pm –  ~DRUM~
1:00pm – Stan “The Man” Maiman DJ
4:00pm – Halloween dance, costume contest and trivia

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