The last week of OOL!

The summer is winding down, and that means the OOL, drive-in theater, and bowling alleys will soon leave to make way for Raglan Shire’s 5th Annual Medieval Fest! (Banners… on a stick!!!) Artisans and event planners will soon be busy as… um… busy tinies, prepping the Shire for MEDIEVAL FEST!

But never fear OOL lovers! The OOL may be gone with in the week, but there will always be Galaxy Beach for your swimming and lounging needs.

This week in the Shires:
Monday, August 22
6:00pm – Raglan Shire Poetry Slam

Tuesday, August 23
10:30am – Prim Charades

Wednesday, August 24
12:00pm – Raglan U – Wednesday with Toady

Thursday, August 25
7:00pm – DJ Shandy

Friday, August 26
5:00pm – Prim Charades Friday SL

Saturday, August 27
Time TBA – Summer Beach Party – Raglan Inworldz Beach – rescheduled due to Hurricane Irene. Moved to Sun, Sept 4th

Sunday, August 28
8:00am – Sci-Fi Radio Theatre – Raglan Galaxy
12:00pm – LIVE MUSIC: Tallguy Kidd

2 thoughts on “The last week of OOL!”

  1. Summer can’t be coming to an end, surely? In UK I think we still waiting for it to start!

    Galaxy Beach? You mean Beaver Island, kitteh? Lol

  2. The hurricane is affecting InWorldz too?! It’s bigger than I realised! Eeps, stay safe everybunny!

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