Tinies from around the world gather for the opening of Raglan’s Tiny World Fair

ZOMG!  It’s almost fair time, and the tinies of all shapes and sizes, from all around the globe, are eagerly awaiting the opening day.  INTERNATIONAL FOOD ON A STICK!  More info to come, so watch this blawg!

Raglan Shire Studios Film Festival on Sunday 12 June 2011!  All the details can be found here:  http://raglanshire.com/rsforums/index.php/topic,917.0.html

What’s happening at the Shire this week.
Wednesday, June 8
12:00pm –  Raglan U – Wednesday with Toady
Thursday, June 9
7:00pm –  DJ Shandy
Friday, June 10
Tiny World’s Fair OPENS!
5:00pm – Prim Charades
Sunday, June 12
8:00am – Sci-Fi Radio Theatre – Raglan Galaxy
12:00pm – Raglan Film Festival

And now a gentle reminder for all lovely residents and visitors, tinies and biggies alike: The Raglan Shire Cluster of sims, Friends of Raglan group and chat are all G-rated.  Please refrain from chat, gestures, attachments, and states of (un)dress that do not meet the Linden Labs and community standards for G-rated sims.  States of (un)dress, you ask? Most tiny avatars have no.. ahem.. bits, so nudie tinies are generally not a problem; but if you’ve got ‘em, cover ‘em up please.

General standards can be found at http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Maturity-ratings/ta-p/700119#Section_.2.2 .