Raglan InWorldz!!

A few days ago a notice to all “renters” in IWz went out to anyone that has not utilized their home or shop. Some of you have maybe had a change in interest in IWz, while others may need help with getting an Artisans group tag in order to place items in their home or shop. Regardless of the circumstances please IM Jane2 McMahon, or Liandras Jameson to let one of us know so if you do not wish to utilize the “rental” it can be given to someone else that would like one. Thank you!! =)

One thought on “Raglan InWorldz!!”

  1. It should be noted that IW is improving their grid all the time. The latest and greatest improvement is the new Phlox scripting engine which allows for better processing of scripts as well as more avatars on any given sim with less lag. Its still a work in progress butthis grid is definitely getting better and better. 🙂

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