Let the HEDGE shine…

ArtWalk 2011 is coming to a close. This year’s ArtWalk is a great success and has been featured in several SL art and destination blogs. But don’t despair, hedge-lovers!! It’s still here until the end of the week and it’s still fab!  There is still plenty to do before ArtWalk is over on May 29.  Take a romantic hedgeboat ride around Raglan Shire and browse the 2-D art, check out the topiary, and stop by the vendor’s area to pick up your art-themed wares.  Be sure to see it before the hedge goes away for another year.

Many thanks to ArtWalk Director Teal Freenote and all who helped put this great event together, and thank you to the many participating artists.

Wednesday, May 25
12:00pm:  Raglan U – Wednesday with Toady
Thursday, May 26
7:00pm:  DJ Shandy at The Paw & Whisker
Friday, May 27
5:00pm:  Prim Charades Friday SL
Sunday, May 29
8:00am:  Sci-Fi Radio Theatre – Raglan Galaxy
12:00pm:  Tiny Wedding: Boots & Sadie

And don’t forget the Raglan Shire Studios Film Festival!  The festival opens on Sunday 12 June 2011, and that means film submissions are due soon. Your film must be finished and uploaded, and details of it (preferably on a notecard) submitted to Chaffro Schoonmaker by Sunday 5 June 2011, one week before the festival.  ZOMG!  That’s practically almost now!  All the details can be found here:  http://raglanshire.com/rsforums/index.php/topic,917.0.html

Coming up June 10 – 26 – Tiny World Fair