3-D Art! In a forest!


One of the highlights of Art Walk 2011 is the 3-D / multi-prim art gallery. Heron Shire Forest is filled with 70 sculptures from 24 artists.  “Art Walk features a wide variety of sculptural styles from an international collection of artists, many of whom and well known and admired throughout Second Life” according to Art Walk Director Teal Freenote.  Don’t miss this fantastic display.  Art Walk is featured in this month’s Second Life Showcase and is one of  Second Life’s biggest art shows.   A helpful Hedge Boat tour is available to give an overview of the art on display in Heron Shire, as well as many maps and TP kiosks to help you get around.  Start your tour at the Heron Shire bridge.

In other Shire news, the surfboards are back on Raglan Galaxy and there is a race to celebrate!  The race closes on Friday, May 13 at noon SLT.  Click the surfboard on the beach, rezz a board, and surf through gates to win!  The top three times will win shiny Linden dollars.  1st. place 1000L, 2nd. place 500L, 3rd. place 250L

The busy critters of Raglan are working their paws to the bone to make the Raglan sim cluster more sailable. Haven Shire, Morning Shire, Raglan Galaxy and Raglan Shire are done, and work on the rest of the cluster is underway.  It’s a great time to grab a boat out and enjoy the shires.  Happy Sailing!