Saying Goodbye to Jammers

Jamie aka Jammers – Friend of the Shire

Last week we were saddened to hear of the loss of one our friends, Jammers Inaka in an automobile accident on March 28th. Jammers was a talented builder, story teller, and friend to many across Second Life.

We have dedicated the new Inaka Garden of Remembrance in her name. Located aboard the  Tiny International Space Station on Raglan Galaxy, it is an entire Garden Habitat to remember Jammers and others who we have lost.


Also Book Island where Jammers hosted poetry readings will be holding a memorial Service this Saturday at 1pm SLT.

Condolences go out to Friends and loved ones of Jammers, who will be missed but not forgotten.

11 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Jammers”

  1. This is so tragic. 🙁

    We just had a few brief email exchanges, but I’m glad I’ve been given the opportunity to be in contact with Jammers. Just from these brief encounters I find it easy to understand why she was loved by so many.

    My deepest sympathy goes out to anyone that knew her, both in RL and in SL.

  2. I exchanged a few IMs with Jammers over the latter part of last year; they were always fun, light-hearted, full of questions and burgeoning creativity. Sometimes it just seems like it was one message too few.

    God speed Jammers.

  3. Oh, this is so horrible! D~8 I didn’t really know her but, from what I did know, she was always such a fun loving and happy kitteh! Oh, she left behind a “fur baby,” that cute dog too. :~C May they both find peace, love and happiness, where ever they may end up and in whatever form.

    Hugs and healing energies to her and all that loved her…

  4. I didn’t know Jammers all that well either, but from the limited interactions/convos we had I could tell she was a kind and special person. the longest convo we had was the night before she died. ;(

    I am sad because I could tell from that chat we were going to become better friends. I was even making arrangements to have a special gift sent to her the morning she died. I am sure it would have made her smile.

    always sad when someone dies, but esp. when taken so young. So while I am sad for the lost of a friend I didn’t have enough time to get to know, I am also sad for her sl/rl family and friends that knew her. God bless Jammers/Jamie. Rest in peace.

  5. She was so young to have been taken away from this life. I don’t understand it either, Shmoo 🙁 Life is so unfair. Rest in Peace, Jammers.

  6. ?. ? ’°’? ?.?’°’JAMMERS?. ? ’°’? ?.?’°’

    Dear Sweet jammers,

    I wish I could of gotten to know you more. May you be in where you will forever be a young and Beautiful young lady and a

    Rest In Peace, Sweet Jammers. May Heaven Be what you always dreamed it would be. 🙁

    . ? ’°’? ?.?’°’JAMMERS?. ? ’°’? ?.?’°’

    Rest in Peace Our Dear sweet beutiful Basement Kitty 🙁

  7. Rest in peace Jammers/Jamie. sorry we did not have more time to be closer friends.


  8. I helped plan and officiate Jammers’ Memorial Service on Book Island.

    It was hard to stay in control and guide the service but when the Tiny folk got up and did a River Dance, calling out her name, I totally and blessedly lost it–tears of sad joy streaming down my cheeks…

    The Tiny Community made Jammers’ Memorial much more than Sacred–they may it REAL 🙂

  9. Alexander, the Memorial Service has made a great and lasting impression on me.
    All the people that showed up and the contributions that were made and how they were made… it was so moving.
    And due to the excellent and thoughtful way you guided us through it, it was exactly right.

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