PreHysterical Month draws to a close!

Teal gets the caves ready for Art walk

There are just a few days left in PreHysterical Month and the Raglan 4th Birthday Celebration. The last few days are still packed with fun for everyone. We’ve got Prim Charades, Raglan U, DJ Shandy at the Paw and Whisker, and Sci Fi Radio Theater. The Dino-Surf contest is Sunday at Raglan Galaxy beach. Practice run scores will remain up until Friday, when they will be reset for the big contest.

Sunday is also the PreHysterical closing party – a blow out extravaganza of music and dancing, featuring live music from our own dwagon bard, Eren Padar. Want more details? Check out the Raglan Forums – and the Events Calendar – .

Next month (May) is Raglan Shire Art Walk – registration is now open! Art Walk is a 3-week long, multi-sim celebration of art and creativity – ON A HEDGE! It is one of the art highlights of SL and one of the largest art shows in-world – and you can participate! Check the forums or contact Teal Freenote to register!

Lastly, the 4th birthday of Raglan Shire is a great time to say thank you for the fabulous world that is Raglan Shire. Special thanks to Zayn for creating the Shires and giving us such a wonderful place to play for the last 4 years. A big thank you to the events committee and artisans who work so hard and share their talents to put on the fabulous events and classes. And mostly, thank you to all the critters of the Shire, who make Raglan such a wonderful, silly, and creative place to be.

Two paws up! WAAAY UP!!