The HEDGE is coming!!!

The caves are coming down and the hedges are popping up as Raglan prepares to host Art Walk 2011, a 3 week long, multi-sim art festival.  So far, there are more than 70 artists registered!  There is still room for more art and artists, but you need to hurry.

***ART WALK REGISTRATION CLOSES: Sunday, May 1st at 9 pm SLT ***

Residents of Second Life may show their artwork during this time. Qualifying art is defined as representations of RL photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, and digital fine art that can be displayed on a prim;  and SL photography, manipulated SL photography and SL sculpture. This is a non-juried show.  Prim allowances for 2D art are 15 prims max for “flat” art (painting, phototgraphy, drawing). Please make your works 1 prim, framing included. For sculpture:  up to 3 pieces – please inform Teal Freenote as to the prim count on the pieces you propose to show.  Sim rating is PG, so art must meet that standard.  Please contact Teal Freenote with any questions, or visit The Raglan forums or http://sites.google.com/site/raglanshireartwalk

Also coming up….

Raglan has a Fishing Area at Fishaversary 2011, complete with 25 custom catches, created by some of Raglan’s finest tiny designers.  Fishaversary takes place this weekend. SLURLs and details can be found in the forums or by contacting Chaffro.

Sunday 12 June 2011 is the date of the second Raglan Shire Studios Film Festival.  That’s just over a month away!  ZOMG!  Chaffy has posted the film guidlines in the forums, for those interested in entering a film.

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