The Raglan Shire 4th Annual Winterfest!

Hey! Wot do you want for WOOTMAS?

Its Zazzember! ZOMG where did the year go?  The Shire has been blanketed in snowfall and snow covers all the land as Winterfest descends upon the Raglan Community! It’s unbelievable to think that this is the 4th Winterfest we’ve had and going back to its humble beginnings to 2007 when Winterfest was held entirely on what’s now the sillicube to the previous two years in the middle of the sim where Mount Waffle properly arose to this years WInterfest which now features an entirely different layout as Mount Waffle now dominates the sim with taller peaks, THREE Amazing Ski Runs including Dead Otters Gulch, the most perilous run EVER featuring a steep droppoff to a cliff launching tiny skiers into a potentially death defying jump right into Mutleys Shop complete with Large Target on top! 😀

The Winterfest Village featuring the Artisan Merchant Lodge, The Community Wootmas Tree & 3 other buildings to relax in is nestled onto a plateau of Mount Waffle. Further up the slope is the Ice skating RInk anchored off the Mountain side by wooden support beams and offering fabulous views as you skate. And at the Very top peak of Mount Waffle is the Mountain top Chalet where you can relax or take any of the three Ski runs or use the Ice Balls or Sleds or Tubes of your choice!  The SKI Lift is going in and will soon shuttle tinies up the mountain to the Chalet!

This Years Winterfest will have themed various events and activities for all to enjoy. The Ice Sculpty Sculpture and Tree Topper competitions in which members of the community can participate in, The Ginormous WInter Maze challenge, The Various Live Music performances, The Annual Sekret Santa! Plus Parties, Caroling and other soon to be announced STUFF!

So get your best Winter clothing on, lace up your skates and ski boots, rosin up your sleds and get ready for the most Wootmasy timmmmmmeeeeee of the year!

More Information on various items of interest in the coming days!

*throws snowball at yoooooo*

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  1. WINTER!!!! ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG The skiing! The snowball fights! The SHOPPING!!

    *throws snowball back at Mr Tillz*

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