Showvember STUFF!! Bonfires, Music & Raglan INWORLDZ!


As we say adieu to Shocktober, the Sun once again rises over the Shire and a new month of activities and fun begins! This weekend has lots of stuff to partake in!  Today at 12 noon SLT its the 2nd Annual BONFIRE PARTY! Join us on SL Raglan Shire on the grounds as tinys dance about the Ginormous BonFire with noms & party favors aplenty! DJ Xavian will be spinning the tunes!

The Ginormous Fresh hot pie trampolines are all over the grounds on the other side of the creek along with leaf piles and an army of turkeys as well, so feel free to bounce on some pies but do watch out for some of the more.. INSANE turkeys wandering around!

On SUnday At 12 Noon SLT at the Acorn Stage on the SL Raglan Grounds, We’ll be treated to the return of Frogg & Jaycat who will be playing their greatest hits for us including their #1 Smash.. BACON MOUNTAIN! They last performed for us last yeat at Winter Wootstock and we’re excited to have them back performing LIVE MUSIX for us! They’re one of the premier acts in all of SL and its always great to have them on Raglan 🙂


Later on Sunday….    AT 2 pm SLT we’re sending out the call to all Tinys in INWORLDZ to join us on IW Raglan Shire on the tree!  We’ve been asked to be a part of the OFFICIAL INWORLDZ FILM that they will be using to showcase their grid and its communities. SO at 2 pm on the Raglan Tree in Inworldz, we’ll be filmed dancing at the mushroom stage as well as running about the tree. Whether you’re already in INWORLDZ or you have been thinking about starting an account there… Heres a great reason to be there this sunday! Come see the tree! Grab your fav tiny av from Wynxes Wynxworks shop there and join us for merriment at 2 Pm! This film will be seen by BILLIONS around the world. You could be a star!!!

Speaking of being a star, The 4th Annual Talent show is set for just over a week away, if you want to be part of the show and have a cute, clever, poignant or entertaining act of any sorts, Contact Jane2 McMahon or Jillan Mcmillan!  Its the SUPER FUNTIME VARIETY SHOW in 8 days!!


Studio Bam! and… The 2nd Annual Raglan Shire Fashion Show headed your way!