Showvember Offerings this weekend!

Today at noon its a live musical performance at the Acorn Stage on Raglan shire by David Csiszer a talented musician guarenteed to get your paws a tappin!  Live Music! FTW!

And then Tommorow on Sunday..


The return of the Most extravagant, over the top Disco Night club that’s ever been seen! Where ALLLLLLL the celebrities come to hang out, snort wootberry dust, and boogie the night away!  For one Night only starting at 12 pm noon SLT you can join them and your friends in Tiny Disco Wonderland at Studio Bam and shake your tails on the dance floor! Music provided by DJ Xavian, and theres a rumor of an appearance by the Village Tinies! Afterwards across the street at the Raglan Midtown Theater, there will be a showing of the Fabulous Movie ZOOLANDER!

Next weekend… its the 2nd Annual Raglan Shire Fashion Show on Nov 28th! A posh, sophisticated affair celebrating the Artisan designers of Raglan and their magnificent fashions.. its Fashion ground zero for tinydom and if you’re an Artisan Designer and wish to be involved ( and why wouldn’t you? Throngs of tiny fashionistas in the audience will be there along with papparazi watching every model who struts her stuff down the Catwalk and then beelining for the shops to buy buy buy buy!) Contact Karmagirl Avro via notecard for details and letting her know you want to be in the show!