It’s almost time for a Super Fun Time!!


This Saturday at 12 pm Noon, its the SUPER FUN TIME VARIETY SHOW!! Raglan Shires 4th Annual Talent Show! Hosted once again by Chaffro, this years Show features 9 Acts from talented members of the community plus the Super Fun Time Variety Players and extra STUFF! The stage is nearly finished, the lighting nearly rigged, Saturdays Show promises to be fabulastic Entertaining Tiny fun for all!

Still a small window to get in the show and onto the stage where stardom & glory await! If you do have a last minute act you feel is entertaining (and when your tiny , it’s ALL entertaining!) be it a story or poem, jokes, magic, singing, acting, a cute or funny skit, daredevilry.. anything! Hurry up and contact Jane2 McMahon or Jillan McMillan ASAP!

There’s NO Business like Tiny Show Business!!

Shot of the 2nd Raglan Shire Talent Show in ’08

3 thoughts on “It’s almost time for a Super Fun Time!!”

  1. ZOMG!! So much fabulous talent in the Shires – and Rocky, too! Big huge ginormous thank you to everybuddy that performed or worked behind the scenes. You made it possible and you made it totally faboo! Two paws up! WAAAAY UP!

  2. Another talent show come and gone but what a fabulous time I had. The stage was great with the joke wall, and all the performers did a wonderful job. Thankyou everyone

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