Brave enough to Enter? You Think you can survive?

The all new all terrifying Tiny Ride of Horrors is now open to the Public! 12 rooms of scarilicious screams and shrieks await inside! 16+ people worked on the Ride this year and its sure to deliver a chill & a thrill!

To get up to the ride, look for the Ride Teleport Kiosks located about the Shire at the Spooky Swamp, Haunted Forest entrance, Haunted Carnival, Inside the Haunted House and at the sillicube or if you’re in the friends group, check your notices.

Once you’re at the ride, take a moment to let everything rez and make sure nothing slithery and multi legged hiding in the fog has made off with any of your limbs. Then just walk into the Ride through the Clowns mouth, touch the Orance button that says “REZ CART” and then once your seated, touch the Green button that says “START”.  BAM!

If theres a lot of people riding the ride, you might have to wait for a cart to rez as theres a limit of 2 carts inside the ride at any given time…. unless someone dies inside… jus sayin.. muhahahaha

*** NOTE – Everyone who rides the Tiny Ride of Horrors will be secretly replaced with tiny pod people and their bodies used to make Heath Bars.  So… if you know anyone who has taken the ride and you still haven’t?  They might not be who you think they are.


Be sure and Explore the Haunted House, the Scary Haunted forest, the Spooky Swamp and the Haunted Carnival too!  Also, The Tiny House of Wax is coming!

Live music this and next weekend and on Halloween Weekend.. Its the Vampire Adventure on the 30th and the Huge Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show Party and Movie on Halloween! Check the calendar for details!

Happy Haunting!