4th Annual Talent Show Announced!


This coming Showvember 13th, its the 4th Annual Raglan Shire Talent show or as its called this year…


The stage is being prepared, the lighting rigged, the cameras and crew positioning themselves, and paparazzi is starting to buzz about as we await the GREATEST SHOW of the year starring YOU!

YOU could be a STAR!

Like the previous 3 Talent shows, all the acts come from the community! Thats right! The large adoring crowd in the audience could be cheering for you! Whether you have a story or poem to read, or a daredevil act of thrills and chills.. perhaps you do Second Life magic? Or maybe you’re a virtual acrobat or a singer! If you have an idea for any type of act, if you have any modicum of talent and want to express yourself, if you want to be famous and revered by the tiny community and friends, this is your chance for fame and fortune, glory and adulation! If you feel the call to entertain the tiny masses contact Jane2 Macmahon and let her know!

Sign your paw print on the dotted line kid! You’re gonna be a STAR!

Meanwhile, SHOCKTOBER marches on as we enter the final week! Tiny House of Wax to be unveiled for the weekend, The Vampire Hunt on Saturday and Rocky Horror on Sunday!

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